Privacy Policy

We at “” give prime importance to our users hence we not only follow but also give elite priority to the privacy policy.

This section includes some of our confidential policy that we follow.

What are the information types that are collected by us?

For simply browsing the webpage no personal details are required to be submitted. However basic information needs to be submitted when registering, responding to polls, and filling out forms. The information type we seek include:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Email address

Why do we collect this generic data from our users?

The data provided by the users may be used in the following scenarios:

  • To establish customer contacts.
  • To maintain responsible user relationships.
  • For special needs of customers aid.
  • For processing transactions if any payments are initiated.
  • To manage webpage operations.
  • To meet the constitutional obligation.
  • To materialize users experience.

How does the webpage protect the private information shared?

We assure the user that the personal information shared on this webpage is in safe hands. The website design is such that no loose ends are left out in safeguarding the personal data provided by the user.

The security software of the webpage is upgraded as and when new updates are available to safeguard the user’s profile. The webpage is highly secure and to ensure protection from unauthorized access and usage of information available here.

When a customer places an order it is placed in a safe and secure environment with a variety of security measures that every user needs to follow before the order process is completed.   

The database of our webpage is strictly used by restricted personal who will maintain the data confidentiality. The basic idea of this security is to maintain the consumer’s trust and confidence while browsing our site.

Does our webpage make use of cookies?

We utilize small flies known as cookies that are transferred from the website to the consumer’s hard disk for a better online experience. These files provide special information about the user’s preferences that is saved on the site automatically when the consumer browsed the site last time.

We also use third party advertisements to support our webpage. These advertisers make use of some technologies like web beacons and cookies for advertisement purposes, which also transfers the consumer’s information that include the IP address, ISP, the browser used to view our site and in some cases, even information of the flash installed in the user’s device is sought.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

DoubleClick DART Cookie is used at “” that helps to track the use of our webpage and the products, services and the advertisement choices of the user that is offered on our website. The usage of this cookie is solely dependent on the consumer if they wish not to make use of this service they can disable the cookie usage by clicking


Our website uses third-party advertising. we don’t share any confidential data of our users but they use they keep a track of the web visits of a user and display endorsements based on the users choice. To know more about this practice and for limiting the personal information a third party can use.

Does the website disclose any consumer information to the third parties?

The website does not sell, transfer, or trade any confidential data that the user shares with us. Only trusted third parties who are part of our business may know our consumer’s information with a clause of confidentiality. We may release some confidential data that we believe is legal, enforce the webpages policies, or protects our rights, property, or safety.

Does our page have any age screening?

This website operates in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Thereby we do not knowingly accept registration from users under 13 years of age. This clause is clearly mentioned during the registration process. Our webpage, products, and services are all directed to consumers of 13 years and above.

If any users data is found abiding the terms and conditions of the webpage the profile will be automatically deleted without prior notice.

How can a user update and access the personal information on our webpage?

The user can change the personal information and any time post registration on our website. Any problems faced by consumers can be brought to the notice of the website by pinging to the given email id (Please include the contact id here)

Will the privacy codes of the webpage change?

The webpage reserves the right to make alterations to the privacy code with or without any notice. The changes to the website privacy policies will be furnished on the present page.

Note: For using the webpage “” the user needs to agree to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the site. It is always recommended to read the privacy code page on a regular basis to ensure that the consumer understands the websites current policies.

If the user has any queries regarding the privacy policy, he or she may contact us at the given email id: