Vitamins for Acne: Causes Of Adult Acne And Ways To Get Rid Of It

The most irritating thing any youngsters face in their teenage is acne problem. Acne is blemishes on skin that are reddish spots filled with bacteria and puss. There are typical types of acne formed as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and bumps. Acne is formed due to the clogging of dead cells in the deep pores of skin. It effect the areas on face, neck, chest, back and shoulder. Oily skin people tend to face a lot of discomfort due to the acne. Having acne can be a stress factor as it reduce your self-confidence and in some extreme cases can lead to depression too.

Acne is formed due to many reasons like age, puberty, menstruation, physical stress, skin type, mental strain, sleep apnoea, menopause, genetic and pregnancy period. Though there are many causes, each one individual face different kind of symptomatic acne at different places on the body.

If you are worried and feeling annoyed of having pimples on your face, use the right kind of treatment for acne for a fresh and clear skin. One of the simplest way to get rid of acne is intake of vitamins that can cure naturally.

Let’s know which vitamins are good for acne, human body needs 32 nutrients that are essential for the health of human body.  Acne reflect the health of your body and skin texture. Intake of minerals and vitamins will help the skin to glow and removes the impurities in the pores often skin.

8 Vitamins for Treatment of Acne

Get to Know How Can Vitamins Heal Acne?  Vitamins are very important for the biochemical process in the body, they supply the essential nourishment to the skin and health of the entire system. If vitamins are in less supply to the body, it deficiency causes many problems like skin problems and less immunity power. Vitamins deficiency reflects on the skin, it tends to serious problems like acne in the form of pimples, black heads and bumps.  Vitamins are good for treatment of acne as they have richness of antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin A for Acne:

Vitamin A is enriched with antioxidants called as retinoid. It is dermatologically proven from ages for treatment of acne by many dermatologists. It is called as Retin-A to treat acne by tropical use. Vitamin A treats all skin acne problems like reducing the oiliness in the pores of the skin, aging wrinkles, warts that are flat, thicken skin and psoriasis problems. Vitamin A creams are prescribed by many dermatologists. You can intake foods items that includes fruits, vegetables and dairy products like Carrots, Sweet potato, Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Butter, Eggs, Bananas, lamb liver, etc. Vitamin A is also an essential vitamin for good vision, growth of the body, enhancing the immunity power, and improving the reproductive health. It is solution in nature and active alcohol form is known as retinol.

Vitamin B3 for Acne

Vitamin B3 is best suited for skin problems like reduction of inflammation, skin tone balancing, enhancing the elasticity and healing power of acne and rejunuvating skin. Using niacinamide, a form of vitamin b3 tropically can heal the acne to a great extent. It is mostly recommended as it is suitable for all skin types and has no side effects. It helps in reducing the skin irritations, allergies, sensitivities and redness. Unlike other Vitamin’s antibiotic nature, it does not leads to any kind bacterial resistance. It don’t focus on bacterial overgrowth. It concentrates on the initial stage of acne, excess sebum formation in the pores and fights the pimple forming straight away. Topical Vitamin B3 like Niacinamide is scientifically proven for acne prone skin.  Try out the proven Benefits of Topical Vitamin B3 for Acne using creams or intake of food items like Peanuts, Tune Fish, Green Peas, Chicken breast.

Vitamin B5 for Acne

Are you thinking what does vitamin b5 do for your skin? Vitamin B5 has great benefits on skin, it can be found in the market in the form of creams, lotions, and ointments. It has naturally built properties for healing the skin like soothing effect, moisturizing nature, rejunuvating ability.  It is also referred as pantothenic acid and is one of the 8 among the 8 B vitamins. B vitamin is very helpful in producing the energy in the body. It is good for healthy skin and fighting acne.

Vitamin B6 for Acne

Vitamin B6 is essential vitamin that is needed to be included in your diet if you want to take care of acne problem. It is a water soluble vitamin known as pyridoxine. Deficiency of Vitamin B6 causes excessive production of sebum and the skin is prone to have acne. Human body has the capacity of absorbing even excess B6 while taking high amounts of supplements. However it has gets excreted into saliva, urine, and stool within two to three hours. It is very effective for women who face menstrual acne and also for women with menopause too. Intake of white flour, potato, liver, prunes, fish, banana, spinach are supplements for Vitamin B6. It is also essential for the brain development and also helps in regulating the body hormones like serotonin and norepinephrine that have a great impact on mood and melatonin.

Vitamin B7 for Acne

If you really want to know how Vitamin B7 helps acne, here is information on clearing your acne with Vitamin B7. The deficiency of biotin can produce acne, Vitamin B7 has rich properties of biotin that helps in curing the acne problem. It is supplement B-complex that is good for skin health and hair growth. Normally many nutritional drinks have multivitamins and also great source of B complex essential for protecting skin from pimples and acne.  You can find biotin in many food like fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. Cabbage, sweet potatoes, leafy vegetables, oats, split peas, and unpolished brown rice are rich source of biotin.

Vitamin C for Acne

If you are suffering from acne with red spots, you can easily clear it off with use of vitamin C.  The redness in the acne can be easily taken off by Vitamin C. It is an antioxidant which is often used for treatment of dark spots, pigmentation, acne scars with its richness in brightening the skin. It helps in rejuvenating skin glow by enhancing collagen and elastin production. It also helps in generating new skin with its richness of essential proteins. Foods that are high in Vitamin C are Papaya, Guava, Orange, Kiwi, Strawberries, Sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, broccoli, black currents, etc.,

Vitamin D for Acne

Vitamin D deficiency is the root cause of any skin problem, especially acne. Due to vitamin D deficiency, there is imbalance in the hormones of the body which disorders the oil production in the skin. This imbalance is main cause of acne. It is essential to have sufficient amounts of Vitamin D for healthy skin.  Vitamin D has calcitriol that contributes the growth of cells in the skin, repairs the dead cells, and improves metabolism. It is major source that contributes to skin’s health maintaining system by increasing its immunity power and killing the radicals that cause aging at premature state. You can get Vitamin D directly from sun light and exposure in most natural way, but excess of sun exposure can cause skin aging.

Vitamin E Help Clear Acne

Vitamin E usage for acne is a popular treatment as it is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be easily absorbed in the skin. It is good source for prevention of acne. Vitamin E is essential for skin health as it helps in balancing the hormones in the body. It is rich in fading away the scars that are caused due to the acne. Vitamin E also helps the oil production in the skin in proactive way by preventing the oxidation in the air. It also promotes the tissue repair in the skin.  If you wish to know how to use vitamin e oil for acne, you can either take it orally that improves the immune system and maintains hormonal balance or tropically to remove the acne scars. While you intake Vitamin E capsules, do not forget to add selenium. Mustard greens, butters, kale, almonds, nuts, avocado, sunflower seeds, spinach, etc. are good source of vitamin E.

Precautions to Avoid Acne:

  • Clean your face with fresh water three to four times in a day.
  • Don’t overexpose your skin to direct heat or ultra violet rays.
  • Get relaxed sleep and avoid late night sleeping habits.
  • Drink fruit juices to keep your skin nourished.
  • Eat healthy natural food that includes proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Don’t overthink of any problems you face.
  • Listen to soft music to keep your senses always in pleasant mode.
  • Use a clean towel after bath and separate soap and comb.
  • Don’t eat spicy, oily and preservative foods.
  • Sleep on a clean, soft and fresh pillows.
  • Avoid smoking to avoid acne and pimples.
  • Avoid chemical cosmetics and makeup.

Consuming healthy and natural food can always bring a bright, youthful, glowing skin for any one irrespective of age. Vitamins are abundance source of energy to body and support system to the flawless skin. Always have a rich diet of food items that proven time and time as highly nutritious and source of multivitamins.

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