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Herbal Teas for Menstrual Cramps : Healing Painful Periods with Teas

Herbal teas have become such popular remedies that there’s a list of teas that can heal just about any ailment. And don’t we love how refreshing they are? Making teas out of healing herbs and spices is one of the best ways of putting them to use in the case of menstrual cramps as well.

It is often times not safe to take too much pain medication for relieving menstrual cramps as it could cause other side effects, especially later on when the periods are gone. Since we don’t want to rely on meds each month of the year, healing ourselves through these simple home-made teas for menstrual cramps is definitely one of the better options.

What are the Causes of Menstrual Pains (dysmenorrhea) ?

The cause for the pain during our periods is usually because of the spasms and the contractions that we get in the uterine muscles that enable the blood to be sent out of the body. This pain is also called as dysmenorrhea, in scientific terms. Calming these spasms can reduce the pain by a great deal.

Sometimes, there are large clots in blood that lead to the muscles to work harder to send them out. This also leads to an additional pain and increase in the spasms that are caused. Along with cramps, there are other symptoms like fatigue, pain in the legs, slight fever and spasms elsewhere in the muscles of the body.

How can teas help with menstrual cramps?

To start with, making teas out of herbs makes all of the healing properties of the herb get extracted out into the tea. It is therefore one of the easiest ways in which we can put the medicinal herb or spice to use against period pains. Here are a few other ways in which herbal teas can help deal with cramps during our periods.

  • Along with calming the dysmenorrhea, these teas also deal with other side-effects of periods such as nausea, bloating and any possible headaches as they act on the cause as well as the symptoms.
  • They are refreshing to every area of the body – as in, they cure headaches as they are hot, inhaling the steam of these teas makes your respiratory system activated as well and they help in healing any digestive problems too.
  • These teas activate your nervous system in most cases and make you more productive during your periods, when you usually get fatigued out with ease.
  • They are safe most of the time and do not usually cause any side effect unless you are particularly allergic to the herb or the spice.

10 Best Herbal Teas That Relieve Menstrual Cramps

To heal the dysmenorrhea, we use the teas of these spices and herbs that can calm the spasms and thereby heal it. They also make the blood flow easier and work on any additional symptoms. Most of the herbs used here have been reported to be good for dealing with menstrual cramps, are easily found and their teas are easy to be brewed in some simple steps.

Ginger tea

One of the most popular teas that has always been used to alleviate the menstrual cramps is ginger tea. Ginger is useful in multiple ways for dealing with PMS and menstrual symptoms and is easily available any time of the year and nearly everywhere in the world.

Why Ginger tea helps?

Ginger is known to correct the hormonal imbalances in the body which have been attributed as the reason for casing menstrual cramps most of the time. They also reduce the nausea that accompanies menses and keep the gut healthy. Any swelling and inflammation that can occur due to menstruation can be fought with ginger tea.

How to make Ginger tea?

Ingredients you will need :

  • Ginger : A small piece
  • Honey : A spoon
  • Water

Procedure :

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add the shredded skin of the ginger piece to it and continue with the boiling.
  • After the tea turns golden in colour, strain it and add the honey to it before you drink it for it to be sweeter in taste.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile is yet another herb that is used for warding off symptoms of menstrual cramps for its many uses on the muscular, immune and nervous systems of the body. Chamomile is a herb that is available nearly everywhere of late because of an increase in its popularity as a healing herb.

Why Chamomile tea helps?

We use chamomile tea for cramps for its ability to calm down the muscular system and thereby reduce spasms. It also works in healing any possible swelling and inflammation in the body due to menses. It also works on the nervous system by soothing it and allowing us to feel much less pain.

How to Make Chamomile Tea?

Ingredients you will need :

  • Chamomile  : A couple of teaspoons of the herbal powder or the herb
  • Water  
  • Honey  : One spoon (or) Lemon drops

Procedure :

  • Take some water in a hot pot and bring it to boil.
  • Add the chamomile herb to it and continue with the boiling until the water turns golden in colour.
  • Strain the tea out and add either the honey or the lemon drops to it based what you’d like the tea to taste as.

Raspberry tea

Red raspberries are yet another herbal cure for menstrual cramps that has gained a lot of popularity for its effect. While raspberry is a plant that is not found very commonly in your regular stores but can be found in organic medical and herbal stores in many parts of the world. Start drinking this tea from a week before the onset of your periods for a cramp-free period.

Why Raspberry tea helps?

Raspberry tea is mainly known to act on the muscular system by loosening the muscles in the abdominal area and thereby reducing the cramps by a great measure. It also restores any hormonal imbalances that are caused in the body during periods which are a cause for the dysmenorrhea most of the times.

How to make Raspberry tea?

Ingredients you will need  :

  • Red raspberry leaves : A few teaspoons full
  • Water

Procedure :

  • Bring some water to boil and after it gets heat, add the raspberry leaves to it.
  • The colour changes slightly when we remove it off the stove and strain it.
  • You can add honey or any other flavor you would like to the tea to make it more palatable to the tongue.

Turmeric tea

Turmeric, the commonly used kitchen spice is useful in healing many ailments. It is also known for the effects its tea has got in dealing with painful menstrual symptoms and PMS as well. Making turmeric tea is easy and can be done right at home with very few ingredients.

Why turmeric tea helps?

Turmeric tea is known for its anti-inflammatory properties among everything else. It soothes the inflammation and the pain along with nausea during periods. Since pain is one of the major side effects of menstrual spasms, turmeric tea can be of great help as it alleviates the pain.

How to make turmeric tea?

Ingredients  :

  • Turmeric : A few pinches
  • Water

Procedure :

  • Take some water in a hot pit and bring it to boil.
  • Add the turmeric to it and wait until the water changes its color to golden.
  • Drink it when it is ready.
  • You can also add milk to this tea and honey if you would like.

Anise tea

Anise is yet another one of the kitchen spices that is used widely in the Asiatic countries for culinary purposes. It is used as a digestive aide along with adding taste to the food. There are many ways in which it can help deal with period symptoms as well.

Why Anise tea helps?

Anise tea is known for its ability to reduce nausea and that is one of the primary uses that it has in alleviating period symptoms. Along with that, it can also act on the muscles that cause the cramps and relieve us of the pain. If the spice is available in your area, Anise tea is definitely a great way to heal you of your problematic period side-effects.

How to make Anise tea?

Ingredients you will need:

  • Anise : A few pieces of the spice
  • Water
  • Honey : A teaspoon or two

Procedure :

  • Take some water in a hot pot and bring it to boil.
  • Add the spice to it and continue with the boiling until the colour of the water changes.
  • Strain it and add honey to it before you drink it.
  • If milky tea is what you prefer, adding milk to this tea is also an option.

Lavender tea

Lavender oil is one of the essential oils that has widely been used as a massage oil to alleviate period cramps. This is because of its ability to reduce the spasms. We can also make a tea out of the pretty Lavender flowers (which have been dried or not) and it works equally well in working against painful period symptoms.

Why Lavender tea helps?

Lavender tea is known for its anti-spasmodic effect on muscles. This helps ease the pain by a great measure. Along with that, Lavender tea can also act as a digestive aid helping it easing out the bloating and nausea that occurs during periods. It also helps us sleep better – a property that definitely is an added plus during menses.

How to make Lavender tea?

Ingredients you will need :

  • Dried Lavender flowers : a teaspoon or two
  • Water

Procedure :

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add the Lavender flowers to it and continue with the boiling.
  • After the color of the water changes, strain it and drink it as a tea.

Valerian tea

Valerian root is a widely used herbal remedy for many conditions since the ancient times. While finding this herb is not possible everywhere on the planet, you may get hold of it in an organic store in your location. It is known to be of great help for dealing with painful periods. Let’s get to know why.

Why Valerian tea helps?

Valerian root is known for its properties of pain relieving. This is why the tea that we make from the root of this plant helps in alleviating the menstrual cramps and the pain related to it. It can also deal with the anxiety and stress that accompanies the periods and thereby is greatly relieving on many accounts.

How to make Valerian tea?

Ingredients that you will need :

  • Valerian root powder : A few teaspoons
  • Water

Procedure :

  • Take some water in a hot pot and bring it to boil.
  • Add the powder to it and continue with the boiling.
  • After the colour changes, strain it out and drink it.

Cayenne pepper tea

Cayenne pepper may be a bit too spicy for including in our foods, but when used moderately, it is known to help alleviate excessive menstrual bleeding and the pain that is associated with it. It is easily available just about anywhere in the world. It can be a bit strong, so we’d suggest that you use it with the supervision of a professional.

Why Cayenne pepper tea helps?

Cayenne pepper, although a stimulant in nature, helps stop excessive bleeding because of its ability to bring about clotting of blood. This can in a way help in calming the pain and other symptoms that come along with the excessive bleeding. It also helps calm nausea and other GIT problems.

How to make Cayenne pepper tea?

Ingredients you will need :

  • Cayenne pepper : a few teaspoons
  • Water
  • Milk

Procedure :

  • We make a tea with cayenne peppers using milk considering that cayenne peppers are strong in nature.
  • Mix some water and milk and bring them to boil.
  • Add some regular tea powder cayenne peppers to it and allow for the formation of the tea.
  • You can then add a little bit of honey to the tea and then strain it to drink it.
  • We would advise you to drink the cayenne pepper tea only once a day so that it doesn’t affect your system adversely.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea can be greatly relieving in the case of periods with its ability to fight many of the symptoms. The menthol present in the peppermint leaves shows most of the anti-pain action and produces relief. Here’s how and why we should use the tea.

Why peppermint tea helps?

Peppermint tea is anti-spasmodic in nature and it is this property of it that makes it helpful in dealing with pains associated with periods. It also works in reducing the nausea and bloating healing the GIT and also helps in reducing the anxiety and stress that we get during the periods.

How to make peppermint tea?

Ingredients you will need :

  • Peppermint leaves : About a bunch of them
  • Water

Procedure :

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add the peppermint leaves to the water and continue with the boiling.
  • The water changes colour when we strain the tea out.
  • You can add honey if you’d like and the drink this tea.

Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon is yet another kitchen spice that is used to flavor the foods by a great extent. It also heals many conditions, especially of the GIT and is greatly helpful in fighting period cramps. It can be made with much ease and we show you how.

Why Cinnamon tea helps?

Cinnamon tea, which is also an anti-spasmodic by nature helps in calming down the muscle spasms which cause the cramps. This is why the tea has a great relieving effect during periods. It also reduces the menstrual bloating and other GIT affects that periods usually bring with them.

How to make Cinnamon tea?

Ingredients you will need :

  • Cinnamon sticks : a few of them
  • Water
  • Honey  : about two teaspoons

Procedure :

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add the cinnamon sticks to the water and continue with the boiling.
  • Strain the water out after it turns into a light brown colour.
  • Add honey to the tea and drink it.

These teas are all safe for use as they are made out of herbs, however, you should watch out for any particular allergy or aversion that you may have for the tea. Also, we would advise you to drink a cup or two a day and not more than that as too much intake may not always be good and may even lead to heavy blood flow sometimes. Do try out these teas next time you have you period and tell us if and how they’ve alleviated your period cramps!


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