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Rice Water Rinse for Beautiful Hair : How to Make and Use Rice Water for Hair

One of the ancient remedies that works wonders on hair is rice water. In fact, it accounts for the beautiful, long and silky hair that Asian woman are usually seen with – apparently, this is a hair care remedy that originated from the Asian countries. Using rice water for hair has been known to bestow a whole lot of benefits on the hair along with conditioning it. And it is a very easily available remedy all over the globe.

One of the best ways to use rice water for hair is a rice water rinse. How do we make a rice water rinse and how do we us it? We elaborate on the same – methods in which you make this rice water and how you can use it.

What is Rice Water?

As we cook rice, there is water that we use, either to soak it or to boil it. This water is very precious as it is filled with many nutrients – inositol, vitamins A, B, C and E and many other ingredients. These can be highly beneficial in many means. One of the best uses that you can put the rice water to is to rinse your hair with it so that health of the hair as well as its appearance can be enhanced by a great measure.

But what kind of rice do we use for making the rice water? – You can use any kind of rice that grows and is available in your area including brown rice, white rice, long grained rice, etc., and they all work the same.

What are The Benefits of Using Rice Water for Hair?

All the benefits of using rice water on your hair make it such a great natural hair conditioner and a hair care agent. Some of these benefits are list out for you to have an idea.

Nutritious for the hair : With compounds like Inositol and vitamins B, C and E present in rice water, it is highly nutritious for the hair. When we rinse the hair with rice water, these nutrients stay at the follicles for a long time and keep the hair strong and healthy.

Protects hair from damage : If frizzy and dry hair is a problem that troubles you, rising your hair with rice water each time you wash it can be a good remedy as it reduces the damage and dryness by keeping it moisturized for a long time after the rinse.

Conditioner : Using rice water is as good as using a conditioner minus the possible harm caused by the chemicals in the conditioner. It can condition your hair and keep it shiny, bouncy and smooth for a couple of days after you wash your hair.

Anti-oxidant : Because of its anti-oxidant properties, rice water can also fight any possible infections that can affect your scalp. It keeps it free from dandruff and other scalp diseases and the resulting symptoms such as inflammation and itching.

Maintains the scalp health : Rice water, especially if it is fermented can be great for the scalp as it keeps the ph balanced. This can help it from getting infected by dandruff and other scalp conditions like scaly and itchy scalp.

You start noticing many more benefits upon regular use and the type of hair that you have as you use it regularly for a few weeks.

Making The Rice Water for Hair Rinse:

Before we actually learn how to make the rice water hair rinse, we should know that there are three kinds of rice water that you can use on your hair. These involve different methods of making and some of them are more nutritious than the others (for instance, fermented rice water can be more nutritious). These types are as follows :

  • Boiled rice water
  • Non-boiled rice water
  • Fermented rice water

Let us now look at how to make these three kinds of rice water for use on our hair.

How to Make Boiled Rice Water Hair Rinse:

One of the most commonly used forms of rice water for rinsing the hair is boiled rice water. This is because we boil rice in water each time we make rice and those whose staple food is rice can use this nearly every day. All you have to do is remove the water once while the cooking is underway. On the days that you are not washing your hair, you can store it and use it all up together when you do wash it. Here are the simple few steps in which you can make this boiled water hair rinse.

Step 1 : Take some rice and boil it either in pressure cooker or a bowl.

Step 2 : Use a little more water than you would when you cook.

Step 3 : When the cooking is half way through, remove the water and re fill the bowl of half cooked rice with water to continue with the cooking.

Step 4 : Use this water as a rinse on your hair.

Step 5 : If it is way too thick, you can dilute it by half with water before you use it.

How to Make Non-Boiled Rice Water Hair Rinse

Non-boiled rice water rinse will need you to use water that has not been subjected to cooking along with rice but has been soaked with it. The rice that is thus got after we strain the liquid can later be cooked or used for other purposes. Making non-boiled rice water is a simple process in comparison with getting boiled rice water although the time taken is nearly the same. Here’s an elaboration on how you make non-boiled rice water.

Step 1 : Take some rice and soak them in water.

Step 2 : Keep it aside for about 20 minutes to half an hour without disturbing it.

Step 3 : Strain out the water leaving out the rice.

Step 4 : Use this water directly as a rinse or dilute it by half the amount and use it as a rinse.

Step 5  : You can use it as a rinse every time you shampoo so that it works its best.

How to Make Fermented Rice Water Hair Rinse

Fermented rice water is one of the best kinds of rice waters there is for use as a hair rinse. This is because of the fermentation that it undergoes that makes it filled with microbes that make the hair as well as the skin healthier when we use it on them. They are known to maintain the ph of the hair and fight diseases more effectively.

The process however, takes a little bit longer than the other two methods and is around 2 to 3 days. It needs careful monitoring as well while you make it. To start off with, the method resembles the non-boiled method. It can be done in the following simple steps.

Step 1 : Take some water and rice and soak the rice in water for a while.

Step 2 : After about half an hour, remove the water.

Step 3 : Fill this water into a jar and keep it aside in room temperature (and do not refrigerate it).

Step 4: Keep checking for a sour smell right from the next day and remove it whenever you smell it emitting from the jar.

Step 5 : Use this water in a diluted form on your hair. About 50% of dilution or more, sometimes can be a good idea.

Step 6 : Using the diluted form of the fermented rice water can be greatly beneficial for the hair and shows results in about a few weeks.

Additional tips to use rice water rinse for hair

  • Rice water can be used anytime of the day that you choose to wash your hair : morning or night and works well either ways.
  • Using it two times a week can be good enough. Fermented rice water may not be used way too many times, i.e., more than two times a week as it is stronger than the other two variants.
  • Adding a drop or two of essential oils can add that additional scent as well as their benefits to the rice water hair rinse.
  • In addition to using it as a rinse, you can add the rice water to the shampoos, conditioners as well as the body soaks that you use for bathing.

Rice water for hair : Before and After Use

One of the testimonies that we found of a girl using rice water for hair is the above picture. It shows how the hair gets a lot less frizzy, a lot smoother and even shinier.

Now that you know what rice water rinse can do to the hair, it is time to give it a shot. We would surely like to know how it has worked on your hair, so do leave us your own before and after story!


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