How to Remove Upper Lip Hair Through Natural Means : 10 DIY Remedies

One of the most common beauty chores, removal of upper lip hair, is definitely something that we don’t look forward to. Owing to the painful techniques that are often used for the purpose and the harm it does to the skin, we’d much rather go for less painful, natural methods for removal of upper lip hair. But then, what are the natural remedies for unwanted hair removal? How effective are these home remedies for upper lip hair removal?  We’ve elaborated on ten such safe and easy unwanted hair removal methods here for you to explore.

Why Do We Get Unwanted Hair On The Upper Lip?

Upper lip hair in women is caused due to an imbalance in hormones or genetic factors. Unwanted facial hair is common in every woman, however, the extent of the growth of this hair varies from woman to woman. In some conditions like the polycystic ovarian syndrome, the hair can be much more than usual and will need some strong external forces for the removal. In many cases, having upper lip hair is an unavoidable thing. Instead of going for extreme measures to remove them, we should make sure that the skin is not put through a lot of harm in the process.

10 Natural Depilatories for Removal of Upper Lip Hair

While natural remedies for unwanted facial hair removal may not be as quick and efficient as synthetic methods, they are definitely effective in the long run. In addition, they are far less painful and can be done with ease right at home. Here are ten such simple ‘peel-off’ and ‘scrub-off’ techniques for upper lip hair removal that we have listed out for you. Read on and give them a try.

1. Sugar and lemon juice

Sugar and lemon juice can be made into a paste that acts as a natural wax. This can be made easily at home and can work effectively. The perks of using this home –made wax is that it can be safe as well as painless comparatively. You can make and use this in these simple steps.

  • Take some sugar and heat it in a very less amount of water.
  • Continue with the heating until the solution turns syrupy by stirring slowly.
  • Add lemon juice to this that is enough to retain the syrupy nature.
  • Mix it up and apply this paste over your upper lip after it has cooled down enough for you to apply on your face.
  • Peel it off after about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Brown sugar

Brown sugar works much in the same way as a normal sugar solution except that you can also use it as a scrub with the particles being much more granular. It is effective and can be made in some simple steps right at your home. We show you how to use it as a scrub as well as a peel off paste.

Making a peel off mask with brown sugar:

  • Take some brown sugar and add very less water to that is enough to make it into a syrup.
  • Continue with the heating until the syrup is formed.
  • Apply this over your upper lip region and leave it on for about 15 minutes.
  • Peel it off and moisturize your skin after that.

Making a scrub with brown sugar:

  • Take some brown sugar and add very little water to it.
  • Without the application of heat, make it into a granular paste.
  • Scrub it over your upper lip region as well as the rest of your face if you’d like.
  • Continue with the scrubbing for about a 15 minutes to half an hour and rinse it off.

3. Egg white, corn flour

A peel off mask made with egg whites and corn flour can be effective in natural removal of your unwanted upper lip hair. Both these ingredients are easily found and can be used to a good efficacy. We show you the simple steps in which you can use this peel off mask.

  • Break 2 to 3 eggs and make an egg white mixture that has been beaten to uniformity.
  • Add a few teaspoons of corn flour to it and mix the two of them well.
  • Apply this paste over your upper lip and leave it on for a while.
  • Peel off this mask along with your upper lip hair.
  • This protein-rich mask can reduce the growth of upper lip hair upon regular usage.

4. Gram flour (Besan)

Using gram flour for getting rid of unwanted hairs has been a practice that was followed since the ancient times. It is an effective remedy that is also very easily available and safe for use. We show you how to use it as an epilatory.

  • Take some gram flour.
  • Add some water to it so that it turns into a very thick paste.
  • Apply this paste over the upper lip region and leave it on until it dries up.
  • When it is slightly moist and not powdery-dry, rub it over the upper lip region with your finger until it becomes taught and falls off.
  • This can remove your hairs easily.
  • Using this remedy everyday can reduce the growth of the upper lip hair by a great measure.

5. Gelatin peel-off mask

Using gelatin peel off masks can work as good as wax – except that the gelatin is used when it is cold. We can get gelatin pretty much anywhere in the world, so this is a remedy that is easy to find and use.  The peeling off can be easy with gelatin as well, which makes it such a popular natural remedy for upper lip hair removal. Here’s how you use it.

  • Take some gelatin powder and add water to it such that a gel is formed.
  • Apply this gel over your upper lip and leave it on until it hardens for about 10 minutes.
  • Peel it off quickly so that the hairs come away along with it

6. Turmeric Paste

Turmeric paste may not be a fast-acting epilatory but eventual use of turmeric definitely slows     down the growth in the long run. It also helps in the keeping the hair follicles healthy and uninfected while you use other hair removal procedures. Here is how you use turmeric for this purpose.

  • Take some turmeric and make a slightly granular paste with water.
  • Apply this paste all over your upper lip area and leave it on for about half an hour.
  • Wash it off with warm water.
  • Using this remedy everyday can be a great means to avoiding the growth of upper lip hair.

7. Chamomile tea and sugar

Chamomile tea and sugar can be made into peel off strips which can be useful in removing unwanted facial hair, including the hair from the upper lip. We use Chamomile tea as it also rejuvenates the skin cells as well as has a healing affect on the follicles as we pull off the hair. It is easy to make this chamomile tea and sugar wax at home in the following simple steps.

  • Make chamomile tea with tea powder or bags.
  • To a cup of this tea, add two cups of sugar and heat it until a thick syrupy solution is formed.
  • Apply this over your upper lip region after it has cooled down enough.
  • After it remains on the upper lip region for a 5 to 10 mins, you can peel it off with the unwanted hairs coming off along with that.
  • Rinse the area with warm water.

8. Chickpea flour

Chickpea flour, much like besan is used as a powder that can work in the removal of upper lip hair. Chickpea hair is milder and causes much less pain. It can be healing to the hair follicles after the removal of the hairs as well. All it takes is the following simple steps.

  • Take some chickpea flour and add little water to it so that it makes for a very thick paste.
  • Apply this paste over the upper lip region and leave it on until it dries up.
  • After a point where it dries up but still has a little dampness to it, scrub it against your skin such that the hairs come off with the hardened flour.
  • You can use this every day so that there is an eventual reduction in the amount of upper lip hair produced over some time.

9. Rice flour and yogurt

Much like gram flour an chickpea flour, we use rice flour as well to remove the unwanted upper lip hair. However, owing to the extreme fineness of the rice flour, we add yogurt to it instead of water so that it can work efficiently. This makes it a very gentle means to remove the hair. Here is how you use it for the purpose.

  • Take some rice flour and add very little yogurt to it.
  • Mix the two of them well so that they form a very thick paste that is uniform.
  • Apply it over your upper lip region and leave it on for a while, so that it hardens.
  • Once it hardens enough so that there is slight dampness left, scrub and roll the paste over the upper lip region.
  • It tends to pull off the hairs along with it.

10. Lemon Juice and Honey

Natural Ways to remove upper lip hair

Lemon juice and honey work together to give some amazing results both externally and internally. In this case, we use lemon juice and honey for the removal of unwanted upper lip hair where it can be a highly effective natural remedy. Honey, being viscous by nature works much like wax stripping off the hair as it hardens on the skin. Lemon juice aids in this as well as protects the hair follicles from injury and a possible infection. Here is how you use this.

  • Take some honey and add very little lemon juice to it such that the viscosity is not lost.
  • Now heat this for a while.
  • After you have cooled down this mixture to enough temperatures for application on the body, apply this viscous paste over your upper lip.
  • Leave it on for about 5 mins and let it harden.
  • You can then peel it off with the hairs coming off along with it.

Additional Precautions While Removing Unwanted Upper Lip Hair Naturally

These methods of hair removal, being completely natural, are not capable of causing much harm to the skin or leaving us with many side effects. However, it would be a good idea to keep these precautions in mind.

  • Make sure that you don’t try out these techniques right before a big event or a function as it could make the skin a little swollen and red. About two to three days ahead of your big is good for trying out these hair removal techniques.
  • While these ingredients are natural, it is always better to give yourself a patch test elsewhere on the skin before you try them out on the upper lip as the skin here tends to be comparatively more sensitive.
  • Since most of these techniques involve heating the ingredients, you should be careful with the temperatures. You should be applying them on your skin only after they have cooled down enough for the body to handle. Warm wax always works better but hot wax can burn the skin!

With all the pain and effort that they save, these remedies are definitely worth giving a shot. Try out these easy hair removal techniques and let us know how effective they have been in removing your upper lip hair.



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