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10 Natural Remedies to Stop Heavy Bleeding During Periods (Menorrhagia)

One of the most ignored symptoms of unusual periods is heavy bleeding. While heavy bleeding is seen in nearly everyone on the first two days of the periods, Menorrhagia is a far more serious condition that has an unusually heavy bleeding for different external reasons.

But how heavy is heavy, really? When should we start worrying if the condition is Menorrhagia, that should be attended to? The usual measure is that, if you will have to use more than one tampon or pad an hour for more than three hours continuously, it is then considered to be heavy bleeding.

This is when we should consider taking medication, remedial measures and if it gets worse, visit a doctor. Most of the time in mild cases of Menorrhagia, using simple natural remedies for controlling the heavy bleeding can be healing enough.

What Causes Heavy Bleeding?

Menorrhagia is unusual and yet, every woman will have to go through it atleast a few times in their lifetime. There are some women who only have heavy bleeding each time they get their period. The reason for this may vary from person to person and here are the most common reasons.

  • Like many of the side effects of periods, menorrhagia is also caused by an imbalance in hormones. An excessive production of progesterone or estrogen can lead to the formation of a very thick endometrium wall that will then need to go out with heavy bleeding as a consequence.
  • Health problems like kidney and liver diseases may sometimes lead to an excessive bleeding in your body. So if your bleeding is way too heavy for many times consequently, it is time you got yourself a health check-up.
  • Fibroids and tumors in your uterus may also cause a heavy bleeding at times. If you already know about these conditions, you should expect a heavy bleeding until you get them removed and if you don’t, get yourself an examination.
  • Too much stress can sometimes cause a heavy bleeding. The stress could be physical (too much sudden exercise) or mental or emotional (like the death of a close person that leads to emotional trauma).
  • It is possible that genetic factors could be contributing to your unusually heavy bleeding. So trace your family history of this condition before you go and find yourself a cure. In the case of genetic disorders, it is possible that you may not get a permanent cure.

How To Stop Menstrual Bleeding Immediately – Naturally

Using natural remedies to cure heavy bleeding is one of the best options as they can be quite helpful to give you an instantaneous effect against it. They can also be quite safe to use these simple home remedies that can be made from regularly used kitchen spices and herbs. Ten such commonly used, tried and tested herbal remedies for menstrual bleeding have been listed out here.

Cinnamon tea

Among the household spices that are used for cooking, Cinnamon is known to be the best to control heavy menstrual bleeding. This spice is known to regulate hormonal changes in the body. Since an imbalance in hormones is most often the cause of menorrhagia, cinnamon works in reducing it. Along with that, it also makes the blood flow easier by thinning the blood, making it free of clots and any other blockages.

Cinnamon is also known for its properties of reducing the cramps and pre menstrual bloating. It can be consumed in the form of a simple tea that we show you how to make here.

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add the cinnamon sticks to it and continue with the boiling.
  • After the tea forms (the liquid turns yellow), strain it out.
  • Add honey to this and drink it.


Comfrey is a commonly used herb for controlling irregular and heavy bleeding during your periods. The main mechanism by which it acts is by controlling the size of your blood vessels. It constricts them and thereby stops too much blood from flowing out. Although excessive use of this herb is not recommended, it may be used when there is unstoppable bleeding which is excessive.

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add the comfrey leaves in it and continue with the boiling.
  • After the colour of the water changes, strain it and drink it.
  • You can drink this once a day and if the menorrhagia is way too much, then twice, but not more than that.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is yet another one of those kitchen spices that works wonders in regulating heavy menstrual bleeding. It also works in stopping bleeding elsewhere in the body because of its ability to balance out blood pressure and thereby regulate blood flow. It is also known to dissolve clots on blood and thereby thin it, making it easy to flow out of the body.

It is also known to reduce period bloating and ease out your cramps by a great measure. Drinking this might be a bit of a difficult task if you are not used to eating spicy foods but we show you a way in which you can gulp it down quickly.

  • Take some water and heat it such that it is warm enough to drink.
  • Drop some cayenne pepper pills into it and let them dissolve.
  • Drink this liquid quickly in a gulp.
  • Use this remedy once a day during your periods so that it does not cause any adverse effects.

Lady’s mantle tea

Lady’s mantle is a herb that is of great use in dealing with painful periods and other period problems. In fact, the name was given to it for how it has become a popular herb for women to take during menses. It helps set right the hormonal imbalances in the body and thereby can stop excessively heavy bleeding. It can also dissolve thick clots in period blood which is why it is used in case of uterine fibroids as well.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body as well, which reduces other menstrual symptoms like bloating, cramps and swelling. It is a bit difficult to find this herb as it is found only in herbal stores and not in your regular stores. Here’s a way in which you can use it for your menorrhagia.

You can make a tea out of Lady’s mantle in the following steps :

  • Take some water and boil it.
  • Add the Lady’s mantle leaves to it and continue with the boiling.
  • Once it is done, strain the tea and drink it.

You can also use the tincture and drink about a ten drops of everyday for healing excessive period bleeding.

Banana flower

Banana flower is yet another remedy that has been used for a long time now for controlling heavy bleeding during menses. The flower of banana plant helps by acting on the hormones directly. It is known to increase the levels of progesterone in the body and this property of it stops and balances excessive bleeding. There’s a very popular way in which you can eat this – eating it cooked with curd. We show you how to do that.

  • After you find yourself some banana flowers, cook them by roasting them (you can add spices and a little bit of oil if you’d like).
  • Add these flowers to a cup of curd and eat it in the morning to control excessive bleeding on important days for you where you can’t afford all the symptoms of excessive bleeding.
  • You can also eat it in the night before you sleep to control night-time bleeding.

Red Raspberry

Red raspberry is yet another popular remedy for many menstrual problems including menorrhagia. The leaves of red raspberry are used to make a tea which works as an astringent – it constricts the blood vessels and thereby reduces the blood flow as well as the cramps. It is also a rich source of the minerals and vitamins that we need to keep ourselves healthy during periods. Here’s how you make this simple tea.

  • Get yourself some red raspberry leaves from a herbal store.
  • Boil some water and add these leaves to the water.
  • Continue with the boiling until the water turns pink-ish and strain it out.
  • Add a little honey to this tea and drink it once a day during and 1 to two days before the onset of your periods.

Ginger tea

Ginger is one of the most simple and easy-to-use remedies for fighting many symptoms that come along with periods including heavy bleeding. It controls the heavy bleeding by – hormonal changes, constricting the blood vessels and by thinning the blood. It also reduces swelling in the body and this helps deal with symptoms like bloating. Along with that, the constricting properties of ginger make it great in reducing the cramps. Here’s a way in which you can make yourself a simple ginger tea.

  • Skin a piece of ginger and cut it into small pieces.
  • Boil some water and add the pieces to the boiling water.
  • Continue with the boiling until the water turns golden in colour and then strain it out.
  • Add a few teaspoons of honey to it and drink it twice a day for keeping menorrhagia in control.

Apple cider vinegar (and honey)

Apple cider vinegar, the magic remedy that seems to work for nearly every problem that we have also works in controlling heavy menstrual bleeding. Drinking apple cider vinegar brings about a balance in the blood flow – it is known to dissolve clots and make the flow a lot easier. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory thereby healing us of swelling and other symptoms that are caused by menses. The hormonal fluctuations that it causes help in keeping the blood flow in control. Here’s how you use this remedy.

  • Apple cider vinegar should be consumed raw (Or diluted) twice a day for good results.
  • Take some apple cider vinegar and add a little bit of water to it.
  • Mix it with honey and drink two glasses of it everyday for good results against heavy bleeding.

Cold compress

Cold compresses are yet another easy and effective means to controlling an exceptionally heavy blood flow. This works on the principle of vaso constriction. The excess of blood flow is often attributed to blood vessels which have been dilated beyond their usual thickness. Using a cold compress will constrict the blood vessels and control the leak of too much blood from the body. It also helps control the cramps to a certain extent. We show you how you do this here.

  • Take some ice cubes and wrap them in a cloth.
  • Rub the cloth gently against your abdomen (front and back).
  • Do this for about 15 minutes.
  • You can repeat this two to three times a day based on how heavy the flow of blood is.


Yarrow is yet another herb that is commonly used for stopping unusually heavy menstrual bleeding. It works as a quick remedy by constricting the blood vessels and making the blood flow a lot lesser. However, this is only a remedy that should be used once a day and in cases where it is absolutely necessary to stop the bleeding as too much vasoconstriction isn’t going to help in the long term.

For this property of it, yarrow also helps in dealing with bigger uterine problems like fibroids by dissolving heavy clots. We show you how you can make a tea out of Yarrow leaves.

  • Get yourself some fresh and unadulterated Yarrow leaves from a herbal store.
  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add these Yarrow leaves to it and continue with the boiling.
  • After the colour of the water changes, add honey to it and drink it.

Precautionary measures when you follow these remedies for menorrhagia

  • Taking too much of these remedies too many times a day is definitely not advised as it could affect your health in other ways. It is important to remember that the bleeding only subsides by a little bit after you use these remedies.
  • If you are trying to get pregnant or if you have recently had pregnancy issues, we’d advice to you to consider an expert before you try these remedies to avoid any additional complications that they could cause.
  • If you are breastfeeding, we would advise that you do not take too much of these remedies, especially the more powerful ones like Yarrow and Lady’s mantle. If you do notice any side effects, consult your physician and then go ahead with their use.

Additional care to be taken to stop heavy menstrual bleeding

In addition to following these remedies for heavy bleeding, you should make some slight changes in your lifestyle in general and especially during the periods so that it can be of help in subsiding the bleeding. We have some tips for you.

  • The first measure to keep yourself healthy would be to try and increase the intake of iron to avoid anaemia. This can be done by iron supplements or an increase in the intake of foods like spinach, walnuts, broccoli, cashews and almonds.
  • Magnesium rich foods like bananas and dark chocolate may also be included in your diet so that the lost Magnesium is restored and you feel less of fatigue and other related symptoms.
  • Try some essential oil massages for reducing the blood flow and the cramps that come along with the heavy bleeding.
  • Make sure that you rest enough while you bleed heavily as additional physical stress can only cause a possible increase in bleeding.

After you make sure that what you have is Menorrhagia and seek advice on healing it, using these remedies and tips is definitely going to help you give you good relief. Do try them out next time you have a heavy bleeding episode and let us know how they worked for you!

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