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Remedies for a Light Period: How to Increase Bleeding During Periods Naturally

Menstruation, periods, menses – called by different names everywhere, is the normal vaginal bleeding every woman experiences in her life. Every month the body prepares itself for motherhood, if no pregnancy occurs the wombs sheds the uterine wall lining. The menses blood is composed of not only blood but also tissues that is flushed out of the body through the vagina.

Periods usually commence between 11 and 14 and continues until menopause at about 50-51 years of age. A period lasts between three to five days. Besides the bleeding from vagina a person may also have the following

  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Pelvic cramping
  • Sore breasts
  • Fatigue and food carvings
  • Bloating and headaches.

The way menses shows varies from person to person. Some might find no problem with getting periods every month but some struggle to get over it every month. Menstruation occurs once in 28-35 days every month .The amount of blood flow that should occur during each uterus wall shedding is 80ml,  blood loss more or less than this is a serious condition to be pondered.

Causes of Minimal or Scanty Periods

Scanty periods is one where the blood flow is less than the 80ml or periods stops in less than 48 hours of its onset without much bleeding and periods are like very light like spotting. If this condition persists for more than two periods consulting a gynecologist is very important and necessary.

Other causes of light periods are:

  • Recent child birth.
  • Anemia
  • Thyroid level disturbances
  • Oral contraceptive consumption
  • Excessive workouts
  • Medications for hormonal imbalances
  • Stress
  • Ovary malfunction
  • Uterus size
  • Early menopause
  • Abortion
  • Lactation

Note: People who are expecting to get pregnant please don’t confuse with implantation bleeding and light period as both conditions are very similar. The best way to analyze this is to get a test done for pregnancy before coming to any conclusion.

Familiar Therapies for Light Periods

The following counter measures are not only pocket friendly but are also healthy techniques that aid to cure scanty periods and other female related ailments.

1. Fruits That Help in Scanty Periods


Papaya is the best remedy to treat light periods. It helps in uterus lining contraction and alleviates menstrual blood flow. Consuming papaya is very helpful for teenage and unmarried girls as it not only regulates menstruation but also  decreases the periods pain. This fruit can be eaten raw or half teaspoon of dried papaya leaves  powder can be mixed with warm water and consumed twice a day for effective results.


Consuming half bowl of ripe melon with or without honey  helps the uterus muscle contractions which is beneficial for a regular menstrual flow. This fruit plays a pivotal role in the initiation of periods in teenage girls for whom menses has ceased due to fright or stress.  

Grape juice

Fruit juices rich In Vitamin C , B and B6 are very effective to cure many ailments. If included in the diet daily they give fruitful results in one month not only for menstruation problems but also for lower hemoglobin levels and weakness.  Grape juice is very effective to treat scanty periods.

How to Utilize:  

  • Take fresh grapes preferably red grapes and juice it.
  • Consuming 8 tablespoons of this extract minimizes all menstrual related problems.

Grapes + honey + dried dates

This mixture is very effective in treating light periods as it is enriched with loads of vitamins and minerals.

How to use:

  • Mix the juice of 2-3 grapes with one tablespoon honey and two ground dried dates and eat it.
  • Take this one dose for a minimum of two  weeks regularly or till fruitful results are achieved.


The best fruit to increase period blood flow is ‘mango’. Mango in combination with other components yield fruitful results in scanty period treatment.

How to apply:

  • Add one tablespoon of ginger juice in 200ml of fresh cow milk. To this mixture add one mango pulp and honey as per taste.
  • Blend this and drink at least two glasses of this juice on daily basis to solve period as well as scanty menses problems.
  • To 200ml of water add one inch dry mango bark, boil this mixture till it is reduced to 1/4th of its original amount.
  • Consume it 2-3 times a day for fast results. Start consuming this infusion three to four days before your expected period date for a normal menstrual flow without pain.


Ginger is the simplest constituent readily available in most of the households. The ginger contains a natural chemical which is efficient in improving menses related problems.

How to utilize:

  • Take fresh slices of ginger
  • Add it to a cup  of boiling water and allow it to stand for approximately five minutes and consume it after it is slightly warm.

Note: For sweetness honey can be added. This infusion should be consumed regularly for fruitful results.

Ginger + bay leaf + salt

Bay leaf is very effective in period pain relief and scanty periods. An infusion of ginger roots and bay leaf with salt is an efficient constituent  for minimal menses. A point to be taken care here is the time of salt addition, salt should be added to this infusion just before drinking it.

Ginger and sugarcane juice

Consuming one glass of sugarcane juice with ginger daily not only clears light periods but also helps in painless menses.

Peach Flower

Peach is not only a delicious fruit but is loaded with nutrients, which are beneficial to the body. It is rich in potassium , lycopene, calcium, vitamin C, carotenes and flavonoids. Peaches are not only good for a healthy digestive tract but also increase longevity. Peach flower is an effective and no side effect remedy for light menses.

How to utilize:

  • Take dried peach flower and make a fine powder.
  • Take 2 grams of this powder with lukewarm water regularly for menstrual problems and a shining skin.

2. Spices and nuts that aid in treatment of light periods

Sesame seeds

These seeds are regarded as the  quickest antidote for light menses. There are many ways by which this ingredient can be used in irregular period treatment.

How to utilize:

  • Firstly sesame see powder needs to be prepared.
  • One teaspoon of this powder can be mixed with warm water and can be consumed daily 2-3 for painless and improved periods.
  • This seed powder can also be added in warm water bath and an individual needs to rest in it for 15-20 minutes.
  • A dessert can also be prepared with sesame seeds and jaggery. This sweet along with warm milk if taken in empty stomach  helps in reducing the spasmodic discomfort caused during menstruation

Sesame seeds is an excellent remedy for light periods and anemia.

Flax seeds  

Despite its micro size, flax seeds is a super food used to deal the monthly girl problems. This seeds decreases the period pains and helps in smooth menses by reducing the prostaglandins levels.

How to use:

  • Add few teaspoons of flax seeds with unsweetened yoghurt and consume it  few times a day.
  • These seeds can also be in taken with salads.

Cumin seeds + Aluminum chloride + salt

Make salad with cucumber including any veggies of your choice and sprinkle cumin seeds, aluminum chloride and salt and relish as a treatment for light periods.

Nuts and dry fruits

Nuts and dry fruits are packed with vitamin E and fiber that regulate the levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels which alleviated menstrual disorders. Various nut  and dry  fruits like walnuts, figs, pistachio, cashew, almonds and black currents yield fruiteful results.

How to apply:

  • Crush any nuts of your choice and store it in an air tight container , consume 1 teaspoon of this powder every day for better health.
  • One table spoon of this  powder can also  be added to 200ml of warm milk and consumed  before bed time.
  • 1-2 dried figs  can be added to one cup of milk and boiled for 10 minutes. Drinking this with honey to taste not only alleviates menstruation problems but also helps in constipation and HB level management.
  • 3-5 black currents can be boiled in a cup of water. Drinking this warm infusion 2-3 times helps in menstrual disorder and  aids in digestion.


Parsley is a herb filled with medicinal properties. It plays a critical role in curing many ailments like indigestion, diabetes, cancer and scanty periods. Its anti-inflammatory function makes it a wonderful pain reliever.

How to apply:

  • Regular intake of this herb with daily food like in salads, curries is helpful.
  • Drinking a juice of parsley with cucumber maximizes the results.
  • Consuming this mixture 2-3 times on regular basis improves the overall health.

3. Veggies Helpful in Menses Problems


Carrot is rich in carotenoids which is very effective to alleviate period related problems. The leaves and seeds have been proved to give favorable outcomes.

How to use:

  • Take 200ml of water and add two fresh carrot leaves in it. Boil this mixture for five minutes and strain it. Allow to cool and add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and consume it daily for a week.
  • Take 1 gram of carrot seeds and 0.5 grams of jaggery and boil it in one liter of water to make it a liquor. Drink this infusion instead of water daily till best results are obtained.

Tomato juice + honey

Tomato is a super food that is filled with nutrients that cures many ailments. Drinking 1-2 glasses of tomato juice with honey regularly is said to treat constipation, cancer, diabetes and menstrual problems.

Radish seeds

Radish seeds are packed with essential nutrients and minerals that not only boosts the immune system but also  helps in blood circulation and scanty menses. They also protect us from infections and flush out toxins from the body. Take 0.5 grams of radish seeds with lukewarm water, consume till fruitful results are obtained.

Lukewarm onion juice

Grate a medium size onion and extract juice from it. Boil this juice in a cup of water for five minutes. Consume 2-3 tablespoon of this extract to treat amenorrhea.

4. Aqua and Workout Treatment for Light Menses


Deficiency of water is worst during periods. Dehydration alleviates menstrual pains, so stay sufficiently hydrated by drinking 3-4 liters of water regularly to decrease cramps and scanty periods. Water alone is a wonder ingredient for light menses.


This can be a shocker for  women as the menstrual pain makes a person life hard, but research has shown that exercise in moderate amount helps to decrease pain and is good for the overall health.

Exercises enhances endorphins which is a natural painkiller and regulates blood flow. Try some slight exercises like Yoga and walking for alleviating period pains and scanty menses.

What to Count and What to Avert

  • Reduction of total body fat by healthy diet reduces menses problem.
  • Increase the use of garlic in your daily food.
  • Take spicy and junk foods in moderate.
  • To balance hormone level  reduce the intake of zinc rich food.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress as far as possible for a healthy life.
  • Addition of iron rich foods increases new blood in the body that alleviates many ailments.
  • Keep our self-hydrated by consuming 6-8  glasses of water provides fruitful results of scanty periods.

When to Ring The Doctor???

  • If your periods ends within two days of its onset.
  • If your menstrual flow is like light spotting.
  • If you miss more than two cycles of period and pregnancy is ruled out.

The above remedies will not only help in aiding for menstrual problems but also helps in better overall health. But always keep in mind to select a remedy that best suits your body and switch remedies frequently. Leading a healthy and balance life with adequate exercise and healthy diet wades all ailments in life and increases longevity. So eat healthy and lead a relaxed and tension free life.


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