Foods & Herbs for Oligomenorrhea : 10 Home Remedies to Deal with Irregular Periods

 Dealing with periods in itself is a troublesome ordeal, but when you don’t get them on time – it could be worse. The body feels and gets heavy and sometimes there can be swelling as well. In the long term, there might even be serious problems that can be caused by these irregular periods, often termed as Oligomenorrhea.

The big question that we can have in this regard is – When can we say that our period is irregular? When you have your period later than when you are expecting it and not in the regular 28-day cycle, we call them irregular periods. Sometimes, people tend to have periods before the actual time of their menses, yet this is very rare, most of the time, it is delayed.

What can be done to rectify this problem of irregular periods and make your menstrual cycle in trine with the usual 28-day cycle? We look at some home remedies and tips that may be of help.

Why Do We Get Irregular Periods?

The reasons for irregular periods vary in every woman and can depend on many factors. The most common factors could be these.

A lot of stress – When the body is subject to too much stress mentally as well as physically, your hormones get affected. This can sometimes lead to missed period or an early period.

Obesity – Obesity has been one of the most common factors for irregular periods. Overweight people tend to miss periods a whole lot of times, sometimes for 3 to 4 months altogether. The only solution is to lose weight in this case.

Lack of physical activity – An absolute lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle can sometimes cause irregular periods. You should therefore get moving, as much as you can.

Excessive exercise – In some rare cases, way too much work out (Say if you are playing a sport all day long or trekking through the whole day for multiple days or have been involved in activities such as dancing), the body gets too tired and leads to irregular periods (early as well as delayed). Slow down and go for moderate work outs if this is the cause for your irregular periods.

Diabetes – Diabetes has also known to cause irregular periods in many women, especially if you are close to the menopause period of your life.

Uterine diseases – Uterine related diseases such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Fibroids (while usually lead to excessive bleeding) can sometimes also lead to irregular periods/oligomenorrhea. If you notice other symptoms of these conditions, you should probably consult a doctor.

Natural foods and herbs for making periods regular

Some foods and herbs have famously been known to be of help in regularizing your periods since ancient times. Let’s take a look at ten such foods and how they can help with your irregular periods.

Papaya for irregular periods

Loading up on papayas is one good way of initiating your period that has been missed or regularizing your irregular periods. How does a Papaya work in regularizing your periods? There is said to be a chemical by the name ‘Bromelain’ in Papaya which tends to soften the walls of the uterus and makes the flow of blood easy by loosening the muscles. This can make your periods more regular in case that they are not on time.

Along with that, Papaya is known to be rich in Vitamin A and Calcium which also deals with hormonal imbalances and keeps your other PMS symptoms in control once you do get the period. Here are some ideas for including papayas in your diet.

  • Eat two Papaya fruits every day just before the onset of your period so that it is on time.
  • Make desserts or shakes out of them so that it is easy to eat them.
  • You can include papayas in your meal by grating it into every meal you eat.

*If you do have an early period however, papayas may not be the best remedy to try out for everybody as they sometimes tend to increase the bleeding.

Turmeric for irregular periods

Turmeric is yet another simple home remedy that is said to be helpful in making your periods more regular. The mechanism of action of turmeric has not been completely understood but it is said to act on the hormones estrogen and progesterone directly making the periods get regular and fit into the 28-day cycle.

Along with that, turmeric tea can have other benefits as well – it makes the whole ordeal of periods a lot easier by easing out the cramps and the other symptoms. Here’s how you make a simple tea with turmeric.

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add some turmeric and continue with the boiling.
  • After you remove the tea, add some honey to it and drink it twice a day for the best results.

Sesame seeds + Jaggery  for irregular periods

Sesame seeds alone can be great for regularizing periods and can be eaten just before the onset of your periods so that you do not miss it or that it doesn’t come early. Mixing it with jaggery is known to make it a lot more effective and hence, the two have been used together since ancient times to make your periods regular. It said that they act directly on the hormones and thereby hasten the process.

The question here is how do we eat the sesame seeds. Usually, the practice is to mix up jaggery (that has been melted so that it is not too solid and not too much of a liquid either) and the sesame seeds (preferably which were roasted slightly) and making balls out of the two and eating them. You can make this your after meal dessert as well as gorge on it through the day so that your periods get regularized.

Soy products for irregular periods

It turns out that consuming a lot of soy products is good for more than one reasons – apart from the obvious reason that it can help you avoid milk products and have a vegan diet, it also helps your periods get regular. This is because of the ‘phytoestrogen’ that is present in the soy milk and other soy products which acts as estrogen once it enters the body. That straightens out all the period-related problems that you have so that the 28-day cycle is maintained.

With ‘veganism’ on the boom, there is no dearth of soy products in the market. Here is how you can make more soy a part of your diet.

  • Replacing normal milk with soy milk.
  • Gorging up on Tofu in any way you can.
  • Eating soy nuts and seeds.

Yarrow for irregular periods

Yarrow is a herb that is used for its ability to heal many problems of the female reproductive system. They act by balancing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. They are known to regularize irregular periods and along with that also control abnormally heavy bleeding that can happen at times.

Yarrow is available in the form of powder in herbal stores and can be used in the form of teas, juices and as capsules as well. Making a tea out of Yarrow is simple and can be done in these simple steps.

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add some Yarrow powder to it.
  • Continue with the boiling until the water turns yellow and once it does, strain the tea, add honey to it and drink it.

Black Cohosh for irregular periods

Black Cohosh is yet another herb that is used often times to regularize periods as well as deal with many fertility and reproductive health issues that women usually face. This is because of its ability to instantly rise the levels of estrogen in the body. The estrogen tends to regularize the cycle and make sure there is no irregularity in your menstrual cycle. It is also known to deal with many PMS symptoms and period cramps as well.

How to take Black Cohosh? The herb is available in the form of capsules in many herbal drug stores. You can either pop in one of these capsules (with a dose of approximately 140 mg) in a day when you think that your periods are not on time. You can also get homeopathic medicine with this name that can be used under the guidance of a trained professional.

Lady’s Mantle for irregular periods

Lady’s mantle is yet another herb that has been used for healing many gynecological problems since many years. It regulates the period flow – regularizes it as well as controls heavy flow by setting the hormones right. The herb is also known to reduce fibroids.

It can be used in many forms – making a tea out of the dried herb, in the form of a tincture, in the form of a douche and as a powder intake. Here’s how you make tea out of the dried plant parts.

  • Get yourself some pure form of the herb.
  • Add it to boiling water and strain the tea out after the water changes its color.
  • Drink it by adding some honey to it.

Ginger for irregular periods

A simple spice that you can use to induce to period and regularize irregular periods is ginger. It helps the muscles of the uterus loosen and to correct any hormonal imbalances and thereby helps with menstrual problems.

Taking ginger is easy as well. You can add it to all your foods directly by grating it or make pickles and other foods out of it. Along with that, you can also make teas and concoctions out of it which when you drink are greatly helpful in regularizing periods. Here’s how you make a simple ginger tea.

  • Grate the skin of ginger into some boiling water.
  • Strain out the ginger tea and drink it by adding some honey or lemon drops to this.
  • Drinking this tea once a day a week before the onset of your period can make sure that you don’t miss it.

Fennel seeds for irregular periods

Fennel seeds are one of those simple kitchen ingredients that can be used as ‘emmanogogues’ for their ability to induce menstrual bleeding. It helps hasten the onset of your period as well as helps you deal with irregular periods because of this property. Fennel is also known to deal with many problems that are relates to PMS and periods such as cramps and other aches.

Eating Fennel seeds directly is one of the ways in which you can have them. You can also make teas and concoctions of fennel that can be used on a daily basis for the purpose. Here is one way in which you can make a concoction out of fennel seeds.

  • Take some fennel seeds and soak them in some water overnight.
  • The next day refrigerate this water.
  • You can use this water occasionally for making drinks or drink it directly.

Mint for irregular periods

Mint is yet another one of those kitchen spices that can work in helping with your irregular periods. It acts on the hormonal imbalances majorly and works in helping with the contraction of the muscles as well. This helps in the onset of periods, especially when you missed out on getting it on time. It can also help control an early period or heavy bleeding.

One of the primary advantages of mint is that it is devoid of any side effects and you can drink it any number of times a day. Here’s all the ways in which you can include mint in your diet to make your periods more regular.

  • Take some mint powder (which you can get in most stores or you can make it yourself by drying the leaves and grinding them) and add honey to it to make it into a paste that can be eaten every day. Eat two spoons of this paste every day so that you don’t miss your period.
  • You can make a tea out of mint leaves by adding them to boiling water and straining out the tea. Adding honey to this tea can make it more palatable. Drinking this tea once a day and sometimes more than once in a day can be of good help in fighting oligomenorrhea.
  • You can add mint paste as a flavor to most of the foods that you eat. This can not only help with menstrual problems but also help your foods taste great.

Additional care that can help you regularize periods

Along with the right foods, it is always good to have a healthy lifestyle that can help you get your periods on time and without any difficulties. Here are a few tips that our experts recommend.

  • It is good to have constant physical activity on a regular basis. Often times, lack of exercise can be a reason for not getting your period on time as oligomenorrhea is reported in people with desk jobs. A combination of cardio and strength training along with practices such as yoga can be a great way to regularize your menstrual cycle.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking the right amount of water and liquids in a day is one of the ways in which you can keep your body healthy. Dehydration can sometimes lead to irregular periods.
  • Finding out what the possible cause could be – in case it is due to medication, stress or other reasons and trying to work on these causes can be of a good amount of help in getting rid of the problem of irregular periods.

In the case of irregular periods which tend to affect your life and happen throughout the year, we’d suggest that you consult a physician along with the right mix of home remedies and tips. Do let us know if you have any suggestions/doubts with regards to irregular menstrual cycle problems!



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