Lip Pigmentation

Can we get rid of Dark Lips through Natural means ? 10 Home Remedies for Lip Pigmentation

A problem that seldom receives the attention that it deserves – pigmentation of the lips is actually quite a

Lip Pigmentation

troublesome issue, both for cosmetic and health reasons. Lips are a prominent part of the face and need to look their natural pink so as to indicate good health as well as to not ruin how you look too.

We can cover it up with make-up, as we so often do, but that’s really not a solution and we know that too well. So what do we do about the pigmented lips? Attending to them by consulting a dermatologist is definitely one means but most of the time, home remedies for lip pigmentation work well too. Added to that, some of these natural remedies are safe, easy to use and quick-acting. We’ve picked ten of the most tried and tested lip pigmentation remedies for you to try out.

What causes Lip Pigmentation?

Melasma : Melasma is another name for hyper-pigmentation. During melasma, the lips get deposited with way too much melanin due to some reasons which could be external or genetic and this makes your lips look dark. This works much the same way as pigmentation on the skin works.

Reaction to Lip-cosmetics : Most lip cosmetics are safe but some are not. When we get to use any of these lip cosmetics with toxic substances that tend to irritate them, they could cause a reaction by leaving a lot of pigment on them and this can be another reason for dark lips.

Smoking : It is well-known that smoking leaves your lips turning very dark. In fact, there is a name for the dark lips that are caused due to smoking and that’s smoker’s lips. The only means to repairing the damage that smoking did to your lips is to quit it.

Vitamin deficiencies : Many vitamin deficiencies have one of the major symptom as lip pigmentation. The corners of the lips also get pigmented along with the whole of the lips when some Vitamins and some essential nutrients are lower than needed in our body.

Exposure to Sun : Much like over-exposure to sun causes tanning on our skin, too much exposure to the sun can also make your lips dark by increasing the production of the pigment melanin in the lips.

Anemia : Anemia is low levels of Iron in the body. When there is Iron deficiency in the body, this affects the lips as well and they change colours, usually pale pink but sometimes also blotchy and unevenly dark.

Reactions to medicines : There are many cases in which the side effects of some strong medication that is used in our body leads to a darkening of the lips. This can also be counted as lip pigmentation.

While these are the most common reasons for lip pigmentation, there could also be other reasons responsible for the problem based on the individual involved. Finding out the reason behind dark lips is important so that the right treatment can be given.

10 Home Remedies for dark lips

After you find out what it was that has caused your lips, you attend to the cause and get yourself the treatment. Whether you will need meds or not, home remedies for dark lips can be a side-aide as well as the only cure to your pigmented lips. Many of these tried and tested lip pigmentation remedies are known to be highly effective and are worth a try.

Glycerin for lip pigmentation

Glycerin is one anti-pigmentation remedy that works well for the face and the lips too. It can breakdown the melanin of your skin and make it even upon regular use, all without causing any side-effects. Along with that, it also makes them look pink and rosy, hydrating them and improving the blood circulation in them.

Using Glycerin can be easy as you can get it in nearly all drug stores and use it all by yourself. Here’s how that is done.

  • Take some Glycerin on your fingers and apply it all over your lips gently.
  • Rub it for a while so that it gets absorbed.
  • Let it stay on the lips for about half an hour and then wipe or wash it off.
  • You can also use it overnight to heal highly pigmented and dark coloured lips.

Rose water for lip pigmentation

Rose water, a composite liquid with many concentrated ‘ols’ and rose oxides is a great remedy for fighting pigmentation everywhere on your body. We use it for the lips as it can be safe for use while also being mighty effective in healing unevenly pigmented or dark lips upon regular use.

It can also make your lips a lot smoother and heal them from any after effects of extensive usage of make up or nutrition deficiencies and restore their natural colour. Using it is quite simple too. Here’s a demonstration of how that can be done.

  • Take a few drops of rose water onto a cotton ball.
  • Gently rub it against your lips.
  • Leave it on for about half an hour or even over-night.
  • Wash your lips off once you are done.

Lemon juice for lip pigmentation

Among many benefits of lemon juice, one of them is that it can be a great bleaching agent. This means that it can fight dark spots and pigmentation with much ease by breaking down the excess melanin on the skin. This is pretty much the same mechanism of action that it shows on the lips as well.

Regular use of lemon juice makes your lips a lot lighter and rosier in colour. The anti-oxidant nature of lips makes them cleanse the dead cells of the lips periodically too and this imparts a shine on to your lips. Here’s how you can use lemon juice for your lips.

  • Squeeze out a few lemons to make lemon juice.
  • Add a few drops of water to it and dilute it slightly.
  • Using a cotton ball apply it over your lips and leave it on for about half an hour.
  • Wash it off after you are done.
  • Some times, lemon juice can cause a slight, itchy, burning sensation, but this doesn’t last long nor is it a serious issue either.

Coconut oil for lip pigmentation

A remedy as simple as coconut oil works in helping your lips get rosy and beautiful, eliminating all the dark coloration and the dark spots. Since most of the discoloration of the lips is caused by dehydration and lack of moisture, using coconut oil can help replenish moisture of the lips making them soft and supple.

Along with that, the Vitamin E that is present in the coconut oil also helps in evening out the melanin spread on them, fighting the discoloration in yet another way. Using coconut oil on your lips each night before you sleep and letting it stay on all through the night is a great way to heal your lips from nearly any problem in all of two weeks. Here’s a simple means in which you can use coconut oil for lip pigmentation.

  • Get some virgin coconut oil of a pure quality.
  • Take a few drops of it onto a cotton ball.
  • Rub it against your lips gently.
  • Massage the oil on your lips for a while and leave it on overnight.
  • Wash your lips off the oil, the next morning.

Onion juice for lip pigmentation

Onion juice is one of the home-remedies that we use for pigmentation on our skin, anywhere on the body and it works effectively. This is because of the sulphur compounds that it has got which breakdown the melanin and even it out. Used on lips regularly, it can fight out lip pigmentation, dark coloration on the lips and uneven coloring on the lips as well.

Being a natural remedy, it is very safe for use and seldom causes any side effects unless you are allergic to onions in particular. It is quite easy for use too, and here’s how it can be done.

  • Peel the skin off onions and grind them into a paste.
  • Strain the onion juice out.
  • Using a cotton ball, apply this juice of onions over your lips gently.
  • Rub it for a while and leave it on for about half an hour.
  • Wash it off once you are done.

Cocoa butter for lip pigmentation

Using lip butter to keep your lips soft and healthy is a very common practice. Use cocoa butter instead and it will work on your pigmented lips as well while moisturizing them. Cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate is often used for its anti-pigmentation effects where it can act against too much melanin or unevenly spread out melanin.

Cocoa butter is nothing but cocoa powder mixed with shea butter and its safe for use, unless you are particularly allergic to anything that has got cocoa in it. You get cocoa butter in cosmetic as well as drug stores quite a lot lately and hence it is definitely easy to get and use it.

  • Get cocoa butter that is of 100 % concentration so that it shows all of its efficacy.
  • Apply it over your lips each night after you remove your make up and before you go to sleep.
  • Use your fingers to apply the cocoa butter and massage gently with your fingers for a while before you leave it on.
  • You can also use cocoa butter as your every-day lip balm to keep your lips moisturized.

Lavender essential oil for lip pigmentation

A lot of essential oils can be used to help with pigmentation anywhere on the skin, lips including. It is the enzyme Tyrosinase which is present in them that helps break down the melanin on the lips. Lavender oil works in the same way and does a good job in lightening your dark lips and evening out the pigmentation on them.

If you want to use an essential oil like Lavender oil however, you should use it over a balm or any other moisturizer as it can dry up your lips. If you don’t mind your lips staying dry, then you should use Lavender oil all by itself. Either ways, it works well. Here’s how you can use Lavender oil on your lips.

  • Get yourself some pure –strained Lavender oil.
  • Take a few drops of it onto a cotton ball and apply it over your lips.
  • Massage it gently over your lips for a while and leave it on for some time – say a 20 minutes.
  • You can also leave it on for the whole day (as long as there is no irritation) or leave it on overnight too.

Papaya + Cucumber juice for lip pigmentation

Papaya as well as cucumber are both excellent anti-pigmentation remedies that have been used for a very long time now. We use them together to enhance their properties as well as get our lips de-colored much faster.

Papaya has got this enzyme Papain in it which works well in eliminating an excess of melanin and restoring the dead cells – making your lips look fresh and healthy. It is also loaded with Vitamins and minerals that are good for the lips.

Cucumber on the other hand, is also great for the lips not only because it hydrates them and keeps them healthy but also because it is capable of lightening them and working against pigmentation and dark spots. We combine these two and use them together in this simple means.

  • Take a cucumber, peel it off and grind it into a smooth paste.
  • Strain the juice out of cucumber from this paste.
  • In a similar manner, make a paste of papayas and strain the juice out of it.
  • Mix these two juices.
  • Using a cotton ball, apply this mixture of the two juices over your lips gently.
  • Rub and massage it for a while so that the juice seeps in.
  • Leave it on for about a half an hour or overnight and wash your lips after that.

Frankincense essential oil for lip pigmentation

Frankincense essential oil, a rarely available essential oil is known for its powerful anti-pigmentation effects. If your lips are very dark from pigmentation, you could try this essential oil out to heal them and restore them to their normal colour.

Along with healing pigmentation, Frankincense essential oil also works in soothing, rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin (you might however, use it with shea butter or a moisturizing balm). Once you find Frankincense essential oil, it is easy to use it and this is how it is done.

  • Take a few drops of Frankincense essential oil onto a cotton ball.
  • Rub it against your lips gently and massage them for a while.
  • Leave them on for about half an hour or overnight and wipe or wash your lips once you are done.

Apple cider vinegar for lip pigmentation

Along with the many health and cosmetic benefits that Apple cider vinegar has got, it can also be of good help in removing dark spots, marks and pigmentation from the skin. This works for lips as well, helping in lightening the lips which have become dark due to pigmentation.

The astringency of ACV works in replenishing the cells of the lips and restoring their natural shade of pink. Along with that, there is this chemical called Beta Carotene that is present in ACV which helps in reducing and eliminating the pigmentation to a large extent. Here’s a simple means in which you can ise this remedy on your lips to fight lip pigmentation.

  • Take some Apple cider vinegar onto a cotton ball.
  • Rub it gently against your lips.
  • Leave it on for about 20 minutes and wipe it off.
  • As the astringency of ACV could cause a slight burning sensation, we wouldn’t recommend that you leave it over night or longer than a half an hour.

Additional tips in dealing with lip pigmentation

Along with remedies and medication, what else can you do to make your lips from getting pigmentation? Here are a few lifestyle changes that maybe of help.

  • Keep yourself hydrated all the time as dryness can amplify the discoloration of your lips.
  • Keep a tab on your smoking and drinking habits as an excess of either of these can cause and augment lip pigmentation.
  • A healthy and balanced diet with all the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs is a requisite to keep your lips pink.
  • Use lip cosmetics of a good quality and make sure that you don’t leave lip colour on the lips for a very long time.

A combination of medication and home remedies often leads to successfully winning the long battle against lip pigmentation provided the cause is identified and dealt with first. What was your experience with lip pigmentation? Did our remedies be of any help for you? Let us and our readers know.



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