honey for tonsillitis

How to Use Honey for Tonsillitis : 10 Amazing Honey Based Remedies for Tonsillitis

A painful condition that nearly all of us experience, tonsillitis can be a tough ordeal to get through, especially when it gets so huge that you will need a surgery for it. There are however, many home remedies for tonsillitis thankfully and

honey for tonsillitis

they can relive the symptoms almost immediately. Sometimes, upon continuous use, these remedies can even eliminate the need for harsher medication and surgery as well. Honey, happens to be one such magic remedy for tonsillitis.

When used right, honey can bring great relief from tonsillitis and make it a lot easier to deal with. The fact that honey can help your own body fight out tonsillitis can make it get rid of the condition upon regular use too. The big question is – how do we use honey for tonsillitis to get the relief that we need? We have a list of ten home remedies for tonsillitis using honey that have been tried and tested and gave good results too. We hope that they will help you out as well.

Why is Honey Good for Tonsillitis?

Can honey, which is a simple kitchen ingredient work against a disease as stubborn as tonsillitis? Apparently, it has got many beneficial properties that help it do so.

Anti-bacterial : Honey is a good antiseptic by nature. It can kill the bacteria and the viruses that could be causing and spreading your tonsillitis.

Soothing agent/ Pain killer : Honey is a soothing agent – which means that it reduces the pain that you feel in your throat due to the tonsillitis. Along with that, other kind of pains that you might have, such as pain in your muscles is alleviated with the help of honey.

Anti-inflammatory: Since the very reason behind your tonsillitis is swelling up of the tonsils, using an anti-inflammatory such as honey can be of great help in eventually reducing the swelling.

Humectant : Being a viscous liquid full of water, honey helps humidify your throat. This makes your throat feel a lot better as most of the irritation in the throat is caused by its dry-ness.

Owing to its sweet nature, its easy to take in honey as well. You should however consume it in limited amounts in a day to cure yourself of tonsillitis.

10 Honey Based Remedies for Tonsillitis:

There are many ways in which you can use honey to help with your tonsillitis. There are some combinations and recipes which work best in aiding the healing process and we tried to pick some of the most recommended ones here. Go on and give them a try.

Warm water with honey

One of the best ways to use honey for tonsillitis is with warm water. This is because honey dissolves and reaches your throat area getting absorbed right enough for it to work when we dissolve it to hot water. Along with that, the warm temperatures of the water make it soothe the throat and give you relief from the pain.

You can drink this honey with warm water any number of times in a day. The best is to start with this and a few drops of lemon juice first thing in the morning. Here’s how you make this simple home remedy for tonsillitis.

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add a few spoons of honey to it and stir it.
  • Drink this mix of water and honey a few times a day to heal yourself of tonsillitis.

Honey and lemon water

Lemon water works better for tonsillitis when you are using honey instead of plain water. This is because lemon has got a great immune-boosting and anti-oxidant property of its own and when mixed with honey, it only gets enhanced.

We also use hot or warm water in this case as it can be great for your throat. You can drink this honey and lemon with warm water mix any number of times a day but to start off the day with it works best against tonsillitis. Here’s how you make this simple mix.

  • Take some warm water and add a few drops of lemon juice to it.
  • Add a spoon of honey to this and mix it well.
  • Drink this while the water is still hot or warm.

Raw honey with cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the greatest kitchen cures you can find for tonsillitis because of its many beneficial properties such as – anti-inflammatory property, immune boosting ability and astringency. We mix the commonly available cinnamon power with honey as the duo can bring about good relief from tonsillitis when used together regularly.

We recommend that you start off using this remedy one to two times a day and see how it works before you increase or decrease the dosage. Here’s how you use this.

  • Take a spoonful of honey.
  • Add a few pinches of cinnamon powder to it and mix it well so that it gets blended uniformly with the honey.
  • Eat this mixture directly.

Honey and ginger tea for tonsillitis

Ginger is one of the most ancient and the best remedies there for tonsillitis and other such infectious inflammatory diseases. The benefits that it can show are many fold – in that it can increase the immunity, the astringency can be very soothing for the throat and can decrease the inflammation.

Making a tea out of ginger can be the best way to get all the benefits out of it. We add honey to this so that the anti-tonsillitis properties of the two of them are multiplied many fold. Here’s how you make this simple anti-tonsillitis remedy.

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add a few skinned ginger pieces to it and continue with the boiling.
  • Once the water turns yellow, add some honey to it and mix it well.
  • Drink this tea while it is still hot.
  • The recommended dosage is once a day to start with as excess consumption of ginger may cause side effects.

Honey and golden milk for tonsillitis

Golden milk which is nothing but turmeric mixed up with milk is a popular recipe that is used for sore throat, tonsillitis, colds and many other such diseases. The turmeric, which is anti-inflammatory in nature can be healing for tonsillitis and can also work in helping the body fight the disease by itself.

We add honey so that all its anti-tonsillitis properties can be exhibited and enhanced when used along with golden milk. Other additions such as peppercorns can be done to this golden milk to make it more effective. Here’s how you make this golden milk and honey for tonsillitis.

  • Heat some milk so that it gets warm.
  • Now add a pinch of turmeric and a spoonful of honey to it.
  • Stir it well so that they all mix up well.
  • Drink this mixture twice a day for good results against tonsillitis.

Coconut oil and honey syrup

Coconut oil is one very commonly used remedy for tonsillitis since ancient times and rightly so. Although it can be used as a syrup, we use it as a gargle or for oil pulling as they work much better. It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral and this makes it kill most of the microbes that cause and spread tonsillitis.

Adding honey to the coconut oil also helps enhance its properties while coconut oil makes a good vehicle for the honey. The honey helps moisturize the throat as well along with the coconut oil soothing your throat. Here’s how you make this syrup either for gargle, oil pulling or consuming.

  • Take some coconut oil (of the virgin kind) and heat it slightly so that it is warm.
  • Add some honey to it and mix it well with the oil.
  • Gargle this, use it for oil pulling (swishing in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes) or a syrup, and it works well in all the three cases to heal tonsillitis.

Apple cider vinegar and honey

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best remedies for literally everything and tonsillitis isn’t an exception. It’s astringent and anti-viral properties make it great for the condition bringing about healing quickly, whether used externally as a gargle or internally.

We use honey not only to sweeten it but also for its great anti-tonsillitis effects. Both the gargle as well as the syrup made out of these two can have honey as an ingredient. Here’s how you make this remedy.

  • Take some apple cider vinegar in a small glass.
  • Add a spoonful of honey and mix it up until it dissolves in the vinegar.
  • It is now ready to be gargled or drank.
  • We recommend that you drink it once a day and for gargling you can use it more than once.

Honey gargle

We know that honey is great for internal consumption, but it can be great for use as a gargle too. All you need to do is dilute it with water and gargle it for a while in your mouth. This can moisturize, soothe your throat and allow the benefits of honey to shoe much quicker as the exposure is more direct.

Using a honey gargle two times or more in a day can therefore be a great way to heal yourself of tonsillitis. Here’s how you make this simple remedy at home.

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add a few spoons of honey to it and see to it that it dissolves.
  • Gargle this honey water in your throat and mouth for about 5 to 10 minutes and eventually you’ll notice a relief from tonsillitis symptoms.

Honey and garlic

Garlic is yet another spice that works great on tonsillitis because of its many healing properties. It shows anti-viral, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties on tonsillitis. This means that it works against the virus causing tonsillitis and clears all the pain and inflammation. Along with that, regular use of garlic is also known t boost your immunity.

Honey along with garlic is a great combination as they enhance each other’s properties. Honey acts as a carrier for garlic. Here’s how you can use them together.

  • Take a few garlic cloves and crush them after they have been skinned.
  • In a spoonful of honey, mix these and eat it.
  • You can eat two to three spoonfuls of this simple home remedy.
  • Alternatively, you can also make garlic tea and honey to it.

Honey with Basil

Yet another kitchen herb that works great for healing your tonsillitis is basil. It is great for fighting the virus that causes the tonsillitis because of its excellent astringent and anti-oxidant properties. In addition to that, it can also relieve the pain and the inflammation that tonsillitis brings along.

We can have Basil with honey two ways and here’s an elaboration of both the ways.

Basil crushed in honey:

  • Take a spoonful of honey.
  • Make a fine paste out of Basil leaves.
  • Add this paste to the honey and eat this spoonful.
  • A few spoonfuls of honey and basil a day can be great for healing your tonsillitis.

Basil tea with honey:

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add some Basil leaves to it.
  • Continue with the boiling until the colour of the water changes to yellow.
  • Strain this tea and add a couple of spoons of honey to it before you drink it.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Using too much of any of these remedies is not recommended at all and you should use one or two dosages of most of these.
  • Although most of these ingredients are plant based and hence very safe for use, there could be some people with allergies to them. You should check for that before you use.
  • Be careful that all the ingredients that you use, including the honey are all of a pure produce. If they are adulterated, they could cause problems.

Taking a good amount of care and the right remedial measures can make your tonsillitis as lot easier to deal with. Using honey can definitely make the whole ordeal easier whether your tonsillitis is serious or very mild. Do let us and our readers know how honey has helped you out in your fight with tonsillitis!


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