7 Easy and Effective Natural Remedies for Blackheads On The Ears

Out of all the places on our skin that blackheads pop up, we would think that ears are the least likely. However, it turns out that the blackheads on the ears are a lot more common especially because we take so less care of the skin near the ears and because of the ear wax and the sebum that is likely to get clogged in the pores of the skin of the ears. The blackheads appear on the lobes of the ears and the back, among the rest of the ear area.

Causes – How do we get blackheads on ears?

Blackheads in the ears are caused due to much the same reasons as they are caused anywhere else. Some of these could be the possible reasons.

  • Accumulation of sebum and dirt in the pores of the skin of the ears.
  • An excessive oil production due to any possible change in hormones.
  • Any blockage in the free flow of air into and around the ears.
  • An over exposure to pollution.

Blackheads around the ears tend to be much thicker and more stubborn than those in any other areas of the body. They can however be removed easily because of some simple natural practices.

7 Natural Ways To Eliminate Blackheads On Ears:

Natural remedies work quicker and are a lot safer for use against blackheads on the ears. These simple remedies are found within easy reach for people all around the world and are simple to use as well. Here are 7 such remedies you can use as home remedies.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the most effective remedies for blackheads and works well on nearly all parts of the body, the ears included. The reasons why it works so well in removal of blackheads are :

  • It is a powerful anti-oxidant, which makes it remove dead cells, bacteria and clean up clogged pores.
  • It removes excess sebum while hydrating the skin in the right manner.
  • Being anti-inflammatory in nature, it fights redness, inflammation and soreness associated with blackheads, pimples and acne.

How to use lemon juice for blackheads in the ears:

Being a liquid, we can just rub lemon juice onto the ear lobes and the external ear canal so that the healing is quick and effective. Here’s how you do that.

Step 1 : Take a cotton ball or a cotton bud.

Step 2 : Squeeze lemons and make a juice (preferably diluted, especially if you’re using this remedy for the first time).

Step 3 : Dip the cotton ball or bud into the juice and apply it all over the earlobes and around the ears.

Step 4 : Leave it on overnight before you wash it off.

Tea tree oil

One of the most commonly used essential oils for blackheads, tea tree oil is extremely effective because of its properties. Some of those properties are,

  • It can remove the excess sebum in the pores of the skin while also hydrating it to the right amount.
  • It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral and acts against the growth of any possible infection that led to the formation of the blackheads.
  • It is an anti-oxidant by nature which makes it clean the clogged pores that led to the blackheads and remove the dead cells as well.

How to use tea tree oil for blackheads in the ears:

Tea tree oil can be used just like lemon juice has been used, by rubbing it on the area which is inflicted with the blackheads. We don’t even have to dilute it since we will be using a very small amount. It is done in these simple steps.

Step 1 : Take a teaspoon of tea tree oil into a bowl.

Step 2 : Take a cotton ball or cotton buds and dip it into the oil.

Step 3 : Rub it over the ear lobes and around the ears where the blackheads are prominent.

Step 4 : Leave it on overnight or for a few hours as per your convenience.

Using this treatment for a few weeks continuously can produce remarkable results.

Sea salt scrub

Sea salt is an effective exfoliating agent of the skin as a result of which it has been used as a treatment for blackheads since a long time now. It can be equally useful as a treatment for stubborn blackheads on the ears and this is why.

  • It can cause the blackheads to pop out from the pores of the skin through physical abrasion.
  • The bacteria that is involved in forming the blackheads can also be destroyed with the anti-bacterial action of sea salt.

How to use sea salt scrub for removal of blackheads from ears

Using sea salt scrub results in exfoliation of the skin near the ears and can be used by simple abrasion against the skin of the ears. Here’s how you do that.

Step 1  : Take some sea salt and add just enough water such that the salt is not dissolved sompletely but is wet.

Step 2  : Rub it against the skin of the ears, the outer ear and behind the ears for about 15 minutes.

Step 3  : Wash it off with warm water.

Step 4  : Repeat this process three to four times a day in case of big blackheads on the ears.

Baking soda +  Apple cider vinegar exfoliation

Baking soda and apple cider vinegar have together worked wonders against blackheads and acne. They also work well when used for blackheads on the ears and here’s how they work.

  • In most cases, an imbalance in the ph of the skin is the cause for blackheads and baking soda and apple cider vinegar (with their basic and acidic natures respectively) restore the ph balance and thereby cause healing.
  • They can work against the bacteria that cause the blackheads and thereby stop the spread of blackheads.
  • They can cause a thorough cleansing action on the pores from which bacteria arise causing a removal of dead cells, bacteria and sebum from them, thereby removing the blackheads which are nothing but a combination of these three.

How to Use ACV and Baking Soda for Blackheads on Ears:

Apple cider vinegar and baking soda can be used as a mask around the ears for their anti-blackhead effects to show. Here’s how you can use them.

Step 1 : Take some baking soda and add a bit of apple cider vinegar to it until a paste is formed.

Step 2 : Use this paste and gently rub it over the ear lobes, the skin around and behind the ears and leave the paste on, on that skin for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 3 :  Wash it off with warm water after it hardens.

Step 4 : Repeat this procedure everyday for quick results against blackheads.

Oatmeal and Honey Scrub

Oatmeal is one of the most commonly used scrubs for the skin for its exfoliating action. Honey forms a base for the oatmeal while also showing anti-blackhead action on the skin near the ears. Here’s why this honey and oatmeal scrub is good.

  • Oatmeal removes the blackheads through physical abrasion by removing them from the skin.
  • It makes the skin defend itself from bacteria because of its high nutritive quality of the oatmeal.
  • The honey acts as an anti-bacterial and stops the formation and spread of bacteria that are involved in the formation of blackheads.

How to use an oatmeal and honey scrub for blackheads on ears:

With both honey and oatmeal being easily available and easy for use as well, the duo can be used in the form of a simple scrub for the ears.

Step 1 : Take some oatmeal which is granular into a bowl.

Step 2 : Add a few teaspoons of honey to it and mix the two of them well.

Step 3  : Rub this mixture over the ears, the lobes and behind the ears for about 15 minutes to half an hour gently.

Step 4  : Wash it off with warm water.

Step 5 : Repeat this process every day for quick results against blackheads on your ears.

Benzoyl Peroxide

One of the safe chemicals that is used as a home remedy for blackheads is benzoyl peroxide. You can use it for the blackheads on the ears as well, and works especially well as they are stubborn and hard. Here is why it is good for getting rid of blackheads.

  • It cleanses the pores thoroughly and there by removes the dirt, dead skin cells and sebum that gets piled up in them to form blackheads.
  • The anti-microbial nature of benzoyl peroxide leads it to fight the bacteria and the viruses that could be causing the blackheads.
  • It can dry up the skin thereby leading to removal of excessive sebum in the pores.

How to use Benzoyl Peroxide for blackheads on ears:

Once you get the right concentration and the brand of benzoyl peroxide, it is easy to use it on the ears. All you have to do is just rub it around the region. Here’s how you do that.

Step 1 :  Get a benzoyl peroxide solution of the concentration of 2.5% from a drug store near your house.

Step 2 : Pour some of this into a bowl.

Step 3 : Dip a cotton bud into this solution and rub it all over your ears, ear lobes and the back of the ear.

Step 4 : Leave it on for about 15 minutes and rinse it off.

Step 5 : You can use this remedy every alternate day or every day for good results against blackheads and acne.

Green tea remedy

Because of the many anti-oxidants that it is filled with, green tea is deemed as a great drink for internal health. It also works externally on the skin healing many conditions, acne and blackheads being some of them. We show you just why and how it works for the blackheads on your ears.

Green tea, because of its anti-oxidant nature can be boost the natural immunity of the skin and help it fight blackheads, acne and pimples.

  • It can remove dead cells from the pores of the skin – one of the major reasons for the cause of blackheads.
  • It rejuvenates the skin upon external as well as internal usage and replenishes the skin cells periodically.

How to use green tea for blackheads on ears:

For effective use of green tea for blackheads, one of the best means is to drink it. Using directly externally can show good effects against the stubborn blackheads that are seen around the ears. Here’s how you use it.

Step 1 : Take some green tea leaves and add it to water that is brought to boil.

Step 2  : After the colour of the water changes to yellow, you can discontinue with the boiling and cool it down such that it can be used on the skin.

Step 3 : Using a cotton ball or a cotton bud which was dipped in the green tea, rub it over the ears, on the lobes and behind the ears.

Step 4  : Wash it off with water after that.

blackheads on the Ears

Preventive measures from getting blackheads in ears:

Oftentimes, it is said that prevention is better than cure and that is definitely the case with blackheads in the ears as they tend to be hard and stubborn. Here are some regular practices that could possibly work at keeping blackheads in the ears at bay.

  1. Regular use of large headphones that cover your ears, using helmets for a long time and similar practices to this are better avoided as they can lead to an accumulation of dirt and block free flow of air through the skin of your ears.
  2. Using ear buds needs to be done with caution. While it is good to clean your ears with buds once in a while, sometimes ear buds made with a cheap kind of cotton or excessive usage of them can lead to the formation of blackheads.
  3. Cleaning your ears of earwax and sweat thoroughly from time to time will keep skin problems of the ears at bay.

These natural remedies for blackheads can be worth a shot for their effective use. Do give it a try under the supervision of an expert or all by yourself and let us know how they have worked for you.


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