How to Get Periods Immediately With Exercise

How to Get Periods Immediately With Exercise : Things You Didn’t Know

A health check for a women every month is getting her chums on time, sadly  periods show up at the most inconvenient time for most of us.  Many women prefer to postpone their menses as they don’t prefer to compromise on the fun, but actually inducing a period early is also a possible option with natural remedies.

Naturally instigating menstruation is a safer and easier than delaying it as the side effects involved in this is comparatively minimal than the latter. Planning for an occasion  especially during the monthly cycle time is not only tedious but also a big challenge.

Familiar Reasons for Wanting Periods Prior to the Time:

  • Wedding
  • Vacation
  • Party or outing with friends
  • Irregular period cycle
  • Unplanned pregnancy

Many household counteractions are available to start periods before the expected time. But the safest treatment is to do certain exercises, as they don’t mess up with our hormones. Doing exercise that target abdomen muscles increases the chances of preponing periods by increasing the blood circulation and metabolic rate.

Following are some of the workouts that naturally enhance the chances of getting periods on time:


Lower body work outs are not only helpful for your thighs but also stimulate the tendon in the abdomen and the pelvis which accelerates the purpose.

How to do a squat:

  • First position your feet by placing them wide apart.
  • Lower your buttocks till your hips fall under your knees, make sure your feet are flat and your back is erect. Place your weight on your heels and do  not exert  your body weight pressure on your toes. Hands can be clinched or held out in front of you as you lower down.
  • Hold this position for an second and return back to the original pose.
  • 10-15 squats need to be done to invite your menses at a faster rate.

Note: always keep in mind to use core muscles for support.

Lying down bicycle

This activity exerts pressure on the abdomen area and increases the blood flow in the uterine area.

How to do a lying down bicycle:

  • Lie flat on the floor.
  • Place your hands underneath the head and bend your knees to place your feet on the ground. 
  • Now while pulling the left knee up, press your right elbow down so that they meet cornerwise.

    Then return back to the original pose before repeating with the other knee and elbow. 

  • Do this action rapidly for ten minutes twice a day.

Standing twists

This drill is very simple and can be done while waiting for a bus or  during your breaks.

It involves twisting your body back and forth until a pressure in exerted on the core and   will not only help in pelvic  area opening but will also stimulate its tendons to break free thus instigating menses at a faster rate.

How to do a standing twists:

  • Keep your feet hip wide apart and place your hands on your hips. 
  • Twist your body to the right until your back stretches. 
  • Return to the center.

  • Repeat this on the other side to  complete one set of twists.
  • Perform 10-15 pairs of twists for effective outcomes.

Abdominal twists

This workout is very helpful in activating  tendons and blood circulation in lower body. Experienced exercisers perform this drill with a medicine ball.

How to do an abdominal twist:

  • Sit on a mat with the knees bent.
  • Lean slightly forward while keeping the back as erect as possible.
  • Move the upper portion of the body like a seated twist to the right.
  • Make sure the knees are not displaced.
  • Return to the original position and repeat the action on the left to complete one rep.
  • 15 abdominal twists will increase the chances of faster menses.


This is a unique basic workout that helps induce periods. This exercise works by tensing the abs which benefits the process.

How to do a sit-up:

  • Lie down on a mat on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground with yours hips wide apart.
  • Cross your arms over your chest and lift your upper body for one second with the aid of stomach tendons and not your back to limit the injury risk.
  • Lie down back to finish the drill.
  • 10-15 repetitions yield fruitful results.


The repeated leg movement will wake up your pelvic area. If running is not your slice of cake jogging or walking will be also do the trick. For an enhanced pressure climbing up and down a hill not only exert pressure on the core but also strengths the lower body. Walking daily for thirty minutes will not only help to initiate chums but will help to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


This an inner thigh action that not only helps in loosening the pelvic muscles but also helps to tone the  lower abdomen as well.

How to do scissors:

  • Lie on the mat and raise your legs. 
  • Keeping your legs straight lower the left leg slowly until it’s a few inches away from the ground level. 
  • Now, raise your head and shoulders so you could hold the back of your right leg and pull them slightly towards you. 
  • Repeat this drill for the other leg. 
  • Repeat this process as many as times to put excess pressure on the abdominal  region.

Spot jogging

Research has proved that spot jogging plays a pivotal role in triggering menses. This action not only instigating the abdominal tissue but also helps to regulate menstruation if practiced on a regular basis. This workout can be practiced by standing in a particular spot for  10 -15 minutes twice a day.

Stability ball knee tuck

This exercise might seem to be tricky at start but  practicing regularly will tone the stomach and abdominal tendons.

How to perform:

  • Place a stability ball on a workout mat.
  • Lie down on the ball with your face facing the floor.
  • Walk forward slowly with the help of your arms.
  • The ball should roll back to the lower body i.e. the legs and your body should be supported by the arms.
  • An experienced exerciser can try lower the chest to the knees with the hands fully stretched in the front.
  • Repeating 15 -20 times provides a fruitful outcome.

Roll up

This dynamic hand exercise is multitasking at its best. It not only tones the abs and hips flexors but also stretches the back and ham strings. This workout also helps to induce periods. This floor exercise can be performed while watching your favorite television shows and also after a run.

How to do a roll up:

  • Lie down on the mat with the hands extended and legs erect.
  • Slowly lift  your upper body frontwards lifting your arms towards the front still a sitting position is achieved.
  • Return to the starting point by rolling down slowly.
  • Repeat the technique until the set is complete.
  • A repetition of 20 cycles is recommended for good benefits.


n addition to making periods come faster, this drill is perfect to correct flat foot.

How to perform:

  • Place your palm and feet strongly on the floor and pull your body to form a semicircle or arch.
  • The weight of your body should be balanced by your hands and feet without losing your balance.
  • Hold this position for 20-30 seconds and return to the initial position, before starting the next set.
  • 10-15 arches drill daily yields favorable outcomes.

Disclaimer: Beginners please be careful in balancing the body weight to avoid accidents.

Reverse crunches

This procedure is a  great way to get pelvic muscles to move. Performing this regularly will strengthen your upper body. This workout helps to instigate chums buy creating enough pressure on the lower abdominal area.

How to do crunches:

  • Lie on the mat and rest your arms on the either side.
  • Bend your knees and raise your legs slowly, such that the thigh is perpendicular to the floor.
  • Place your feet firmly on the floor.
  • Inhale and pull your knee towards your face.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and exhale slowly releasing your legs back to the ground.

Aerobic exercises

Aerobics is a physical drill that combines rhythmic workout with strength training and stretching routines. This a total body workout that improves all elements of fitness. Aerobics includes dancing, swimming, running and walking. More calories can be burned out with the increase in movement speed.

Jump Rope

This is a very age old sport that is practiced by children. Commonly called as skipping.

This drill is performed with the aid of a rope.

How to jump rope:

  • Stand erect  on the ground with the skipping ropes in your hand and feet together.
  • The rope should be behind ankles.
  • Start jumping maintaining the same standing position while jumping.
  • The area chosen for performing this drill should be devoid of hinderance.
  • Skipping for ten minutes daily is enough for a healthy lifestyle and to induce menses.


Yoga is extremely effective in curing  ailments with respect to menstruation. Regularly practicing this drill will not bring your periods on time but also will wade off irregular menses and heavy bleeding during it. Yoga works best as it stimulates the better functioning of the reproductive organs, regulates the hormone balance and relaxes the mind and body. Some of the yoga asanas that can be performed are ustrasana, dhanurasana, malasana and matyasana. Learn these postures strictly under supervision as the instructor will share views as to what asanas may suit your body.

Precautionary Measures To Be Taken

  • Take utmost care while exercising to avoid accidents.
  • If you have any gynecological problems or have delivered recently it’s better to avoid abdominal muscle drills, as they can hinder the healing process.
  • Always perform these drills under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

The way the body reacts to the above workouts differs among people. Intense and rigorous drills at times does not induce but delay menses. So alterations to the menstrual cycle need to be done only when utmost necessary.



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