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What Does Clear Mucus Discharge Indicate – What Does Your Vagina Discharge Tell You?

Ever since you have been having your periods, you have noticed that apart from the blood which leaves your body in every monthly cycle, there are other types of discharges as well. Depending upon your cycle, the type of discharge will be different.

If you read up on the internet there will be several posts on cervical mucus, egg white cervical mucus, and pink coloured mucus. Apart from all this, there is a thing known as clear mucus as well. Here are a few things you should know about “clear mucus.”

Clear Mucus

If the discharge which comes out of your vagina has no colour, it means it is clear in appearance. It will in all probability have no or very little odour. It could be watery or stretchy. However, the consistency remains a little thicker than water but not as thick as blood.

Although, you must remember that every woman has a different body and the functioning vary even though the track is almost similar. It is better if you make a small chart for yourself to know your fertility periods and understand the cervical mucus better.

How to Check for Cervical Mucus

If you are wondering how you find out about the appearance and the cause, it would not be too difficult.

The mucus often is found on the underwear. If you start feeling that your underwear has become wet, it might be because of the mucus which has just settled on it. Make a small trip to the bathroom and take the mucus on your finger. If you can see the skin colour through the mucus, it is clear. Now feel it for consistency and texture.

Another way to do so is when you feel that your vagina is expelling mucus, go to the bathroom and take a tissue to collect the mucus from your vagina. Do not use a finger to touch your vagina as you might introduce an infection instead. Now you can take the mucus from the tissue to check the appearance and the texture.

  • Wash your hands properly with soap.
  • Dry them well and position yourself in such a way which makes it easier for you to insert two fingers inside your vagina.
  • You can either sit on a toilet or squat down.
  • Another way is to lie down and either spread your legs or raise one leg up in the air.
  • You could also stand up with your legs wide apart or, stand with one leg on a stool or the toilet seat.
  • Insert your index and middle finger inside your vagina.
  • Feel around the vagina for mucus.
  • Slide them outside your vagina when you have collected mucus from the vaginal cavity.
  • Examine the mucus. If required, rub it between your fingers and the thumb.

Causes of Clear Cervical Mucus

There are a several reasons as to why your body reacts in a certain way and produces discharge. Below are the causes of having clear mucus –

Vaginal functions – the vaginal and cervical glands produce mucus every day for smooth functioning. A normal woman will have a clear, liquid discharge. If there is a change in appearance, then it means that your body is signaling towards an underlying problem.

Ovulation – after you have your periods in the beginning of the new cycle, you will see that around the 14th day in a regular 28 days cycle, you have some thick, white coloured discharge. This thick, white coloured discharge is your unfertilized egg. Prior to the expelling of the unfertilized egg, the body starts to prepare for the process. Thus between the 11th to 13th day of the cycle, you will see an increase in clear mucus. This indicates that you will soon be ovulating.

Arousal – when a woman is sexually aroused, she will notice that her vagina starts becoming wetter. This is the body’s response to the arousal caused due to sexual excitement. In this, the mucus is clear, watery but a little stretchy. This clear mucus acts as a lubricant to facilitate a smooth sexual intercourse. In some cases of “vaginal atrophy”, the body fails to produce the clear mucus causing friction, pain and discomfort during sex.

Menstrual cycle – right before your period is about to begin, you will notice a steady increase in cervical mucus. If so, the appearance will be clear but stretchy. This is a sign that your body is reading to shed the old uterine lining.

Pregnancy – when you get pregnant, the body in response to keeping the uterus well-protected starts to produce more cervical mucus. Towards the beginning, the mucus is clear and stretchy. After a few days, the mucus becomes white in colour and is thicker. Over time, this combination of mucus goes on to make the plug which keeps infection away from the uterus.

Labor – in your last month, in order to start the process of delivery, you will notice that your vagina is noticeably wet. The cervical and vaginal glands secrete more mucus and as you get closer to the date, the mucus also increases. The appearance is clear and watery. You will know you are ready for delivery when finally your water breaks.

Stress – the human body gets affected very easily by factors like stress, trauma and emotional upheavals. If you are under mental, physical or emotional stress you will notice your bodily functions change. This is due to hormonal changes, which also triggers mucus secretion. In such cases, the mucus is mostly clear and watery. It might also be a different colour or texture depending on your health and the vaginal environment.

Hormonal imbalances – if your hormones have been acting up due to change in diet, routine, new medication or any disease, then you will see a change in the vaginal environment, too. There will be an increased discharge, usually clear in appearance.

Clear Mucus and Fertility

After your menstrual cycle, you will experience a slight dry spell, where you would not see any mucus. Even if there is any, it would be really thick and might seem like goop or a blob. This time period is the infertile period, i.e., you will in all probability not get pregnant during this time. The mucus could be opaque, white or yellow in colour. It is so thick that if your ub it between your finger and thumb, it won’t stretch or move.

Following the infertile phase comes the phase which is slightly fertile or slightly infertile (it is the half full, half empty situation). This phase is when the estrogen is on the rise, so the mucus will feel damp. Again, it could be opaque, white or yellow. There is a very less chance of pregnancy in this phase as the mucus is still very thick for the sperm to swim through it.

Lo behold, you must have by now reached the fertile phase of your cycle. The fertile phase is when unprotected sexual intercourse is a big no-no. But if you are trying to get pregnant, this is when you have the best chance! In this phase, the mucus is more watery and feels slippery. Also, the quantity seems to be way more than the previous phases. That is maybe because of its watery texture. The mucus is clear or cloudy but never white in colour. The odour which accompanies such cervical mucus is usually sweet to smell and taste. Women usually describe this phase’s mucus as –

  • Wet,
  • Slippery,
  • Water like,
  • Clear,
  • Fluid like,
  • Extremely thin.

Last is the phase which is highly fertile. In this phase, the clear mucus begins to get even stretchier and is almost like spider-webs. This phase’s mucus is also called “Egg-White Cervical Mucus” or EWCM.

Some women do not experience this phase and if you are one of them, do not worry. There are ways to get to this phase naturally. The best is to –

  • Regularly eat Evening Primrose Oil tablets.
  • Add Vitamin E to your diet or take supplements.

And as soon as this phase ends, you will be back to the dry phase with sticky and blob-like mucus.

Clear Jelly-like Mucus or Discharge

Usually, the clear mucus which has a jelly like appearance occurs during the menstrual cycle. It is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. In fact, this kind of mucus or discharge tells a lot about the fertility of a woman.

The colour of the mucus in this case is clear or, clear with streaks of white colour. The consistency of the mucus would vary throughout your cycle. At times, it might be thick jelly-like and others it will be watery.

The discharge is extremely important since all the germs and bad bacteria are expelled from the body with the help of the discharge.

The jelly-like clear mucus is also the best conduit for the sperm cells to reach the egg for fertilization. It not only keeps their movement smooth but also is not too watery to make it difficult to catch on.

If the jelly-like mucus stretches for about an inch between your fingers before the mucus thread breaks then it means that you are in your highly fertile period right now.

Causes of Clear, Jelly-like Mucus

If the mucus does not look red nor has no streaks of blood, then it is normal.

  1. The mucus becomes more jelly-like if you have a sexually transmitted disease.
  2. Another reason could be ovulation.
  3. It is carrying out all the dead cells and germ from your body.

Should You See a Doctor?

Before you decide to go and see a doctor to know whether your cervical mucus is normal or not, here are a few question you must know the answers to –

  • Your age?
  • Your menstrual cycle – the gap between two cycles?
  • Whether or not you have been on any medications lately?
  • Have been experiencing pain?
  • Have you been feeling itchy or burning sensation?
  • Have you been sexually active?
  • Have you had any sexually transmitted disease which have been cured or are being cured?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Do you have any health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes?
  • Any other symptoms which are out of place?
  • Are you taking birth control pills?
  • Have you been suffering from hormonal imbalance?
  • Have you had PCOD?
  • Have you been under a lot of stress lately?

How to Manage Clear Mucus without Medication

Even though clear mucus is not something which you should worry about, in most of the cases, it indicates that your body is functioning just right. And if, there is any abnormality associated with clear mucus, it is very minor and can be easily sorted out with these simple tips –

Hygiene – one important thing which solves any and every problem is hygiene. These are a few things you should keep in mind –

  • Keep yourself clean and always opt for cotton underwear.
  • Avoid using artificial products for cleaning yourself or for smelling good. The natural scent is the best for your vagina and if you stay clean, you would smell sweet or musky.
  • Do not douche.

Sexual life – it is important to avoid getting involved in casual sexual relationships. Another thing is to make sure you use a condom, unless you are trying to get pregnant. It will not only keep the sexually transmitted disease at bay but also keep communicable urine infections away.

Stress – you must try and manage your stress levels. One way to do is to keep the salt intake to its bare minimum. Another thing you can try and is very therapeutic is meditating. This is inexpensive and highly effective.

You can also try yoga exercises which involve breathing in and out.

Hormonal imbalance – if that is your case, then you need to stick to a proper diet and add supplements to your diet. Also, meet a doctor to zero down on the cause of the imbalance in order to treat it.

Panty liners – if you do not like to soiled underwear, you can use panty liners to absorb the mucus. However, keep changing the liner every 4 to 6 hours. Do not use tampons for this purpose as they would not do much good.

Diet – a healthy diet ensures a healthy body. Adding citrus fruits and food items which are highly recommended for women is a good way to maintain the vaginal flora. Try food items like –

  • Avocado,
  • Salmon,
  • Nuts,
  • Dry fruits,
  • Green leafy vegetables,
  • Lean meat,
  • Sprouts,
  • Peas, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to have clear mucus with blood streaks?

Yes, it is totally normal. It could indicate that your periods have started. Sometimes, the period blood takes a little while to reach the vaginal opening. Thus, it trickles down slowly and gets mixed with the normal clear mucus resulting in the red streaks.

Why is my period blood jelly-like?
It is because the blood gets mixed with the clear mucus. It is very normal and nothing to worry about.

Does clear, stretchy mucus always indicate pregnancy?
No. Clear, stretchy mucus does not always indicate pregnancy. However, if the mucus is suddenly a lot in quantity and you have been trying to get pregnant or have had unprotected sex, then you could take a test. Otherwise, it is the usual mucus which comes from the cervical and vaginal glands.

Can clear mucus be reduced medically or naturally?
No, there are no ways either medically or naturally to reduce the clear mucus. It is a natural phenomenon and cannot be reduced. You may try and manage it by using panty liners but that is all.

Excessive clear mucus after delivery, is it normal?
Women do have clear mucus which is a little more than normal because your body has just had its first menstrual cycle after 9 months. Therefore, a little extra of clear mucus once the blood has been expelled is normal. However, if it is too much or is bothering you, then you should see a doctor.

Does the transparent mucus come out when you are pregnant..?

Leukorrhea discharge is the type of vaginal discharge which occurs when a woman is pregnant. This is absolutely normal. The consistency of the mucus should be thin, neutral smelling, and clear or milky colour. If the discharge is bloody or streaked in the last few months of pregnancy, a doctor should be consulted.
What does it mean when mucas comes out of my vigana…?

Cervical mucus or vaginal discharge is a common occurrence in a woman who is in her reproductive years. This mucus can vary in texture according to where a woman is in her cycle. This mucus can be either clear, or stringy, or sticky, or even watery – all this is no cause for concern. If blood is experienced often, a doctor should be called.



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