Castor Oil for Eye Lashes

How To Get Long Eyelashes and Eyebrows With Castor Oil

Castor oil for eyelashes: Just like every other organ of our body, eye lashes deserve a beauty regimen as well. In fact they’ve been regarded as one of the prime indicators of beauty since times immemorial. The larger and healthier the eye lashes, the more beautiful a face is bound to look. Along with all the plenty of eye lash beauty products that are available in the market lately, one of the most used age-old remedy for the lashes – ‘castor oil’ is highly efficient in increasing the length, thickness and in taking care of them in general. Read on to find out all about how you can use castor oil for beautiful eye lashes.

How to Choose the Right Castor Oil

There are two types of castor oil that are used for external cosmetic applications and both of them are equally good for using on your eye lashes. These two types are.

  1. Regular cold press castor oil
  2. Jamaican black castor oil

The Jamaican black castor oil is darker in colour as the ash is also added to the oil while the regular cold press castor oil is light and clear. You can use the oil that is comfortable for application and is available in the stores around you easily after checking for the authenticity of the makers of the oil.

Benefits of castor oil for eyelashes:

Castor oil has got numerous benefits for the eyelashes for which it has been used for centuries since the times of ancient civilizations. Here are some of them.

Helps in the growth of lashes Eyelashes do grow thicker and in length as well upon provision of the right care and castor oil is sure a part of that right care. It can help make them thicker and also increase the length. Sometimes, when you’ve lost the lashes altogether because of medication or other reasons, it helps in their regrowth.

Provides nutrients to the lashes- The oil in itself is highly nutritious with plenty of vitamins and minerals which help make your eyelashes healthy.  Thereby, they get a lot thicker and shinier.

It is anti-microbial in nature – Castor oil is also known for its anti microbial nature. This means that it can fight bacteria that could possibly be hindering the growth of your lashes or any bacterial infections that are prevailing on the lashes.

It is anti-inflammatory in nature – For various reasons, the eyelids could turn puffy and get swollen. This can be fought to a certain extent when we apply castor oil on the eye lashes as it is anti-inflammatory in nature.

How to use castor oil for eyelashes

Caster oil for Eyelashes Treatment

Applying castor oil for the eyelashes is done in an easy procedure, the steps of which have been elaborated here. However, since eyes are delicate and eyelashes even more so, it should be applied carefully and gently so as to not hurt the eyes and produce good results.

Step 1 : Wash your face along with the eyes clean such that there is no make-up left on it. Wipe them dry with a towel.

Step 2 : Take a mascara brush or a cotton bud, dip them in the castor oil mix.

Step 3 : Carefully dab it all over the eyelashes and brush through the lashes from one end to the other such that it reaches both the roots and the tips of the lashes.

Step 4 : Repeat the same procedure for the other eye as well.

Step 5 : Leave it on overnight or for a few hours before you wash your face.

10 ways to apply castor oil for eyelashes

Castor oil can be used all by itself or in a combination with other substances for eyelashes. It can easily be mixed with plenty of other oils and juices which can together enhance greatly the beauty and health of the eye lashes. Here are ten ways that you can use castor oil for eye lashes.

  1. Castor oil

Castor oil can be used for the eye lashes all by itself without the combination of any other oils and it still yields great results. Since castor oil alone is used, the method that was given above for its use can be followed and then left over night. Be sure to thoroughly wash it away though before you apply your eye make up.

  1. Castor oil + glycerin + eggs

Glycerin mixes well with castor oil and helps castor oil get retained on the lashes upon applying. Eggs, on the other hand give the necessary protein to the eye lashes along with making them look a lot smoother. Here’s how you can use this trio together.

  • Take a teaspoon of castor oil and add about two drops of glycerin to it.
  • Beat the mixture of these two well and add half a tea spoon of egg white liquid to this.
  • Beat it to uniformity once again and apply it to the eye lashes using a mascara brush.
  • Leave it on for a few hours (preferably not overnight as the egg will start to smell bad).
  • Rinse it off and let the lashes dry.
  1. Castor oil + almond oil + Coconut oil

Castor oil, almond oil and coconut oil, a combination that’s very often used  for the growth of hair can also be used for eye lashes as it works equally well. Here’s how you use them.

  • Take a small dropper bottle and add about two teaspoons of castor oil.
  • Add one teaspoon each of almond and coconut oils.
  • Close the lid tightly and shake it well so that they mix up to uniformity.
  • Use a mascara brush or a cotton bud, add a few drops on them and apply it over the lashes.
  • Wash it off the next day after leaving it on overnight.
  • Upon regular application for about a month, you will begin to see the results.
  1. Castor oil + Olive oil

Yet another oil that blends well with castor oil along with being highly nutritious and beneficial is olive oil. They can be applied together for eye lashes for rendering them healthy.

  • Take a small dropper bottle and add a two teaspoons each of castor oil and olive oil.
  • Close the lid and shake it well so that the duo mix up well.
  • With the help of the dropper, carefully add a drop or two of the oil on the mascara brush and apply it gently on the eye lashes from the roots to the tips.
  • Wash your face after leaving it on overnight.
  1. Castor oil + Lavender oil + Lemon juice

Lavender oil is yet another hair growth product that works well for eye lashes as well. Castor oil, lavender juice and lemon juice can be used together to promote the thickness and the health of eye lashes along with the addition of a wonderful scent that belongs to the lavender oil. Here is how to make this.

  • Take a clean, tiny dropper bottle.
  • Add about two teaspoons of castor oil, one teaspoon of lavender oil and another teaspoon of lemon juice into the dropper bottle and shake it thoroughly after closing the lid.
  • With the help of the dropper, add a few drops of this solution to the mascara brush that you’d like to use.
  • Now carefully apply this solution onto your eye lashes and leave it on for a few hours (as lemon juice may cause itching if left for a long time).
  • Wash it off and wipe your eyes clean before you apply your next round of make up.
  1. Castor oil + tea tree oil extract

Tea tree oil has got a capability to induce growth of hair and thicken it, an action that it shows on eye lashes as well. It also has a cooling effect on the eyes. Castor oil and tea tree oil together work well for a healthy maintenance of eye lashes.

  • Mix two teaspoons of castor oil and one teaspoon of tea tree oil in a tiny cylindrical dropper bottle by shaking the two oils thoroughly.
  • Drop a few drops of this onto a mascara brush.
  • Apply this oil carefully onto the eyelashes from the roots to the tips and leave it on overnight.
  • Wash it off the next day and dry up your eyes before you apply your eye make up.
  1. Castor oil + Vaseline

Vaseline is yet another one of the wonder products that has been used on eye lashes to improve their texture and thickness. When used together, castor oil and Vaseline can markedly improve the texture of your eye lashes.

  • Take a bowl and add a spoon or two of Vaseline into the bowl.
  • Add some castor oil and beat the mixture together such that the castor oil is well absorbed into the Vaseline.
  • With the help of a cotton bud apply this castor oil and Vaseline mixture over your eye lashes from the base to the tips.
  • Leave it on overnight and wash it off the next morning.
  1. Castor oil + Vitamin E oil + Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be of great help to just about any body part and likewise, to the eye lashes as well. When we mix castor oil, aloe vera and vitamin E oil together and apply this mix to the lashes, it works wonders in enhancing their beauty. Here’s how you use this trio.

  • Take a dropper bottle and mix a teaspoon of aloe vera juice and vitamin E oil into two teaspoons of castor oil.
  • Shake this for a while till it becomes an even mixture of the three ingredients.
  • With the help of the dropper, take a few drops onto the mascara brush and apply it to the lashes from the base to the tips.
  • Leave it on for overnight and wash it off.
  1. Lemon peels soaked in castor oil

To absorb all of the benefits of lemon and use it for the eye lashes, soaking lemon peels in castor oil is a tried and tested method. Here’s how to do that.

  • Take a medium sized cylindrical bottle and fill it with castor oil upto about 3/4ths of it.
  • Add lemon peels to this bottle and leave this bottle for a night or two after slightly shaking it.
  • Take the castor oil which has thus been soaked into dropper bottles and they’re ready to be used on your eye lashes.
  • This can be left overnight as well as the burning sensation that is caused by using lemon juice directly can be avoided by this method.
  1. Castor oil + shea butter

Shea butter acts much like Vaseline and can also be used along with castor oil to enhance the appearance of eye lashes.

  • Take some shea butter into a bowl and add a few teaspoons of castor oil to it.
  • Beat this mixture together until the castor oil gets absorbed into the butter evenly.
  • Apply it with cotton buds onto the eyelashes and wash it off the next day for smooth and thick eye lashes.

How safe is it to use castor oil for your eyelashes?

There are no known side effects of castor oil on external usage. However, because of all the known allergies to castor oil and because eyes are extremely delicate organs, we should keep some tips in mind before we use castor oil for eye lash growth. Some of them are listed out here.

  • Make sure you get a patch test done to check if castor oil is good for your skin before you apply it to your eyes.
  • Be very careful not to let castor oil slip into your eyes and if it does, check if there is a burning sensation in your eyes. If there is, wash it off immediately and consult a dermatologist to confirm if you can use it again and what could have caused it.
  • Pregnant women are advised not to consume castor oil orally, so application on eye lashes which is an external use may not cause any side effects if you’re careful not to let it go anywhere inside your body.

Upon taking proper measures, castor oil can be of great use to enhance the beauty of your eyelashes and eyes in general. Try it out and do let us know how well it worked for you!

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