How to deal with Burning Eyes : 10 Home Remedies that can Instantly Cool your Eyes

Be it the summers, an infection or just an irritant, eyes that burn can be extremely painful to deal with. These burning eyes won’t let you go about your life regularly. And anything that blocks your every-day activities should be dealt with immediately.

How do you deal with burning eyes right at home without much ado? We have some super-simple home remedies that can help you cool your eyes and give you that much needed relief. Before you go on ahead to get your eyes checked, it’s worth it to give them a shot.

What causes your eyes to burn?

Burning of the eyes could be caused by many reasons – it can be a symptom for many underlying conditions and it can be a condition in itself. Here’s a list of some of the main reasons that could be causing your burning eyes.

An allergic reaction : Usually eyes start to burning when you expose them to things that trigger the inflammatory system such as dust, some kind of smoke or some chemicals that enter them. A slight swelling and watering of the eyes also accompanies the burning of the eyes. Something like staring too long at a screen can also cause burning.

An infection : Some eye infections such as conjunctivitis have a major symptom as a burning sensation of the eyes. In these cases, we can only wait for the infection to subside.

Drying up : In summers or when we are too hydrated, a burning of the eyes is usually seen as a coping mechanism. This is one of the primary reasons why you should stay hydrated all the time, especially when the weather is hot.

Headaches or Cold : Sometimes conditions such as headaches and cold can lead to you having a headache as a symptom. In such cases, you will have to wait until the main condition goes away and use remedies to cure the burning.

How To cure Sore Eyes Fast Naturally

While using medication can be a solution to remove intense and prolonged burning of the eyes, we can heal them with some basic home remedies most of the time. Here’s a list of some such remedies and simple means in which you can use them.

Cold compress for burning eyes

What could be more soothing and healing for your burning eyes than a cold compress? The temperature change can make your burning lessen, atleast until you get more serious medication for the purpose. If the burning is due to too much heat or stress, a cold compress is the only remedy that you will need.

It hydrates the eyes and the skin around the eyes and keeps your eyes free of pain and burning that results from dehydration. Here’s a simple means in which you can use ice in the form of a cold compress.

  • Take a clean cloth.
  • Wrap the cloth around ice cubes.
  • Gently dab it over your eyes and around the eyes.
  • Continue doing this for about 20 minutes until you feel better.

Cucumber for burning eyes

Cucumber is hydrating in nature and that makes it great for giving a soothing, relaxing sensation to the eyes. Most of the time, the burning of the eyes is due to drying up of them and this can be combated by regularly using cucumbers.

Along with that, the burning sensation which could be caused by inflammation can also be healed with cucumbers due to its anti inflammatory action. They are easily available and seldom cause any side effects. This is how you can use them.

  • Take a cucumber and cut it into circular slices.
  • Place two of them on either of your eyes.
  • Leave them on for about 20 minutes or more before you remove them.
  • Wipe or wash your eyes after you are done.

Aloe vera for burning eyes

Aloe vera  can be healing for burning eyes for many reasons – it is hydrating to the eyes, it acts against inflammation and any infection that could be causing the burning. Since most of the time it is dryness, infection or a reaction of the immune system that cause burning aloe is definitely a good remedy.

One of the benefits of using aloe vera is that it seldom has any side effects and it can be used by just about anybody. All you can do is simply apply the aloe gel around your eyes and here’s a simple demonstration of the same.

  • Get yourself some aloe gel of a good and a pure quality.
  • We would suggest that you refrigerate it before using so that it has an additional cooling effect on the eyes.
  • Apply this gel over your lids and around your eyes and leave it on for a while.
  • Wipe your eyes off the gel once you are done and wash them clean.

Spoons refrigerated for burning eyes

One of the simplest remedies that we’ve seen people use from ages to heal burning eyes is the use of refrigerated spoons. When we refrigerate the steel spoons, they retain the cold temperatures for a while and can be quite soothing when we use them to cool our eyes.

Although this remedy is free of side effects and can be a quick remedy, it cannot be a long term remedy, especially if the burning of your eyes is caused by infection or other serious internal reasons. Here’s how you do this.

  • Take a couple of steel spoons and refrigerate them.
  • After enough refrigeration to make them cool enough, place them on your eyes by inverting them and gently press it against your eyes rubbing around the eyes as well for a few minutes.
  • You can continue doing this until the spoons get back to the room temperature.
  • You should make sure that the spoons are absolutely clean.

Rose water for burning eyes

Rose water is a great substitute for water to hydrate your eyes. Along with hydrating your eyes, it has got numerous other benefits on your eyes as well that heal the burning due to their anti-inflammatory properties. The cleansing property of rose water also helps them to remove dust and other particles.

You can also use rose water inside your eyes provided that it does not increase your burning sensation and feels good. There’s another means to use it externally instead for healing your burning eyes which we show you here.

  • Take a couple of clean cotton pads.
  • Dip them in refrigerated rose water.
  • After they get sufficiently wet, place the cotton pads on the either of your eyes and leave them on.
  • A fifteen minutes later, remove them and wash your eyes, preferably with cold water.

Epsom salt for burning eyes

Epsom salt is great for healing burning eyes because of these properties that it’s got : cleansing, anti-inflammatory and soothing. It can also show anti-bacterial properties which make it heal the burning and redness that are sometimes caused by an infection, mild or serious.

Using Epsom salt regularly on your eyes also makes it lessen dark circles and swelling giving your face a fresh look. While you can wash your eyes with water that has got the Epsom salt dissolved in it, here’s another technique that can be a safer means for using Epsom salt on your eyes.

  • Take some cold water and add the Epsom salt to it so that it dissolves in the water.
  • Dip a clean cloth in this water and squeeze it out just enough so that it is wet but not dripping with water.
  • Dab this cloth against your eyes gently for a few minutes.
  • Repeat the procedure as and when the cloth gets warm enough and continue with the pressing of the cloth.

Apple cider vinegar for burning eyes

Apple cider vinegar is yet another ingredient that can work wonders in reducing the burning of your eyes. However, it can sometimes beget a burning reaction in your eyes and this is why you should dilute it before use. Apple cider vinegar can be an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial.

This makes it fight the burning that might be caused because of inflammation, heat, infection and de-hydration. Here’s a simple means in which you can use apple cider vinegar by diluting it.

  • Refrigerate apple cider vinegar and dilute it so that it is 50% in concentration.
  • Take two cotton pads and dip them in this cool acv solution.
  • Place them on either of your eyes and leave them on for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Remove them and wash your eyes clean.

Chamomile tea bags for burning eyes

Chamomile herb can be a great way to reduce the burning of your eyes, especially the burning that is caused as a reaction of the inflammatory system. This is attributed to the great anti-inflammatory properties of Chamomile.

Chamomile is also known for its soothing and healing properties which cool the eyes down and make the burning less painful. Here’s how you can use the tea bags for cooling your burning eyes down.

  • Take a couple of Chamomile tea bags and wet them before you refrigerate them.
  • After they’ve cooled, place them on the either of your eyes and leave them on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Remove the bags and wash your eyes once you are done.

Bilberry herb for burning eyes

Bilberry is considered as one of the most used herbs on the eyes for many of its benefits. It is hydrating and healing for the eyes with its anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and cooling properties. It can cause the blood in the eyes to flow properly which is why it has been used to reduce near and far sightedness, glaucoma and other eye infections.

Bilberry is a berry shrub, the leaves and fruits of which are used as medicine. We usually get capsules of Bilberry for the eye which can be taken according the dose that your physician prescribes. However, you can also use it in the form of a compress using the cooled tea. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add the Bilberry leaves and continue with the boiling until the colour of the water changes.
  • When it does, cool it down by refrigerating the water for a day.
  • Dip a couple of cotton pads in this cooled Bilberry tea and leave them on your eyes.
  • After 20 minutes or so, remove them.
  • Wipe your eyes clean.
  • You can do this every day so that the burning can eventually subside.

Witch Hazel for burning eyes

Itchy and dry eyes are usually a result of the inflammatory system’s reaction to any allergies in the eyes. Witch Hazel which is an anti-inflammatory helps in lowering this allergic reaction of the eyes and thereby considerably reduces the burning of the eyes.

Witch Hazel is found in many drug stores in the form of a liquid. This can be used for the eyes as we show you here in some really simple steps.

  • Take a couple of clean cotton pads.
  • Soak them in Witch Hazel and leave them on your eyes when they are moderately wet.
  • After about 20 minutes, remove the pads.
  • Wipe your eyes clean and wash them.

Additional tips for cooling of your burning eyes:

  • A major help for your eyes would be to stop or considerably reduce staring at screens as it is very likely that a continuous staring at the screens is causing your eyes to burn.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated constantly can help a great deal in reducing the burning of your eyes as most of the time, it is dried up eyes that cause the burning sensation.
  • Use glasses when you go out in the sun or get exposed to screen or any sort of trigger such as dust or a chemical.
  • Get enough sleep and rest as this could be very healing for your eyes.
  • Wash your eyes with cold water when you go out in extreme weathers that can trigger the burning sensation.
  • Use minimal eye make up when they are hurting. We would also suggest that you check if the eye cosmetics are possibly causing the burning sensation in your eyes.

Do let us know how our home remedies for burning eyes have helped you out! Also, do leave our readers any additional remedial measures that have helped you soothe the burning sensation in your eyes.



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