Period Back Pain

Natural Ways to Relieve Period Back Pain – Get Rid of Menstrual Lower Back Ache at Home

ut of all the side-effects that periods bring with them, one of the most painful is easily – menstrual and PMS backache. The lower back muscles are the ones which are commonly affected leading to mild and sometimes intense ache that can be a great hindrance to going about with our daily activities.

The worst complaint that comes with lower back ache is that it does not allow us to rest – something that we need aplenty during our menses. So how do we put rest to this seemingly nagging problem with simple remedies at home? Let us help you with just that with our tried and tested home remedies for period back pain.

Why is back ache caused during periods?

We know that cramps are caused due to the contraction of uterine muscles during the periods. This pain can sometimes spread out to the lower back muscles as well leading to the back ache before and during the menstruation.

Yet another reason why the lower back ache is caused during periods is that the prostaglandins which are released during the periods from the uterine may lead to pains elsewhere all over the body causing the lower back ache as well.

Home Remedies for back ache during menses

A few quick remedies like compresses and teas can often times lead to immediate relief from back pain. It may return or not based on what caused the back pain but the relief can last for a few hours’ time. We recommend that you take the necessary precautions while you try these remedies out at home.

Hot compress

A hot compress is one of the most useful aides to give you instantaneous relief from back pain during periods. It works by relaxing the muscles in your back and thereby reducing the spasms, cramps and stiffness which leads to pain. You can use the following aides as a heat compress on your back.

  • Heat pad
  • Hot towel
  • Rice in a sock

Here’s how you use a heat pad for the lowering back pain in the following simple steps.

  • Get yourself a heat pad and clean it thoroughly.
  • Fill it with hot water of the temperatures that you find comfortable.
  • Press it gently over your lower back where the ache is experienced most.

Cold compress for period lower backache

Cold compress works sometimes as well by giving instantaneous relaxation from the pain by the temperature changes caused in the muscles of the lower back. The cold compress therapy for lower back pain works especially well when the pain is excruciating.

It can help calm the pain until the meds reach your system and start working. It’s especially good when the weather is very hot. Here’s how you give yourself a soothing and quick cold compress therapy from backache.

  • Take a clean cloth and wrap it around a few ice blocks.
  • Press this bundle of ice blocks in the cloth gently over your lower back.
  • Continue doing this until the pain subsides.

Essential oil massage – Lavender, Clary Sage

An essential oil massage can heal a whole lot of aches and is definitely worth trying out on your period back ache as well. The right essential oil or a mix of essential oils which act as anti-inflammatory agents calming the pain and relaxing the muscles when massaged on your lower back can curb the pain.

Lavender oil, Clary sage oil and Rosemary oils are the essential oils that are usually used for healing aches as they can act as anti-inflammatory and relive the pain while also relaxing the muscles. Here’s how we make an essential oil mix for the purpose.

  • Take a few drops each of Rosemary oil, Lavender oil and Clary Sage oil.
  • Heat the mix of these oils ever so slightly such that it is warm.
  • Gently massage this oil on your lower back until you feel a relief from the pain for about 5 to 10 minutes and then leave it on for a while before you wipe or wash it off.

Stretch your back muscles using yoga poses or exercises

Although it is difficult to actually get yourself to work out during the phase where you have a bad period back ache, some yoga poses and exercises can be of great help to relive the pain. Be sure not to over-do any of these and to get an expert opinion before you try them out. Here are some exercises that may be of help.

  • The child’s pose (also called Bhujangasana) is easy to sustain as well as quite a bit effective.
  • The cat and cow pose is also an effective work out that is relatively easy to do while you are on your periods and can give you relief.
  • Wall sits – sitting up against the wall without resting your hips.
  • Very light partial leg lifts and crunches may sometimes help strengthen your core and get rid of back ache.

Using hot compress with chamomile tea

While drinking herbal teas can give you a great relief from all menstrual health issues, there is yet another way in which you can use them, especially to curb pain instantaneously – in the form of hot compresses made with tea.

The only difference here is that you use the hot tea instead of water for your compress and the tea shows all of its actions – relaxation, pain-relieving and soothing action almost immediately. If you have the time to make a tea, this is a method that is definitely worth trying. We use  hot towel as the compress here. This is how you use it.

  • Make a tea out of dried Chamomile herb by boiling the leaves in water and straining the water out.
  • Dip a hot towel in the tea and strain it out.
  • Press the towel against your lower back gently until you get a relief from the pain.


Acupressure, an ancient technique of healing where we press gently on certain points of the body so that the pain elsewhere is reduced because of the pressure we apply and the connections that exist within the body. There are some points which are pressed to reduce the lower back pain we get along with the periods.

We recommend that you take the advice of a professional for using this technique to its full effectiveness. Here is the list of points that commonly work against a back ache.

  • The points on the legs that falls behind the knees.
  • Lower back points on the either side of the spine.
  • The centre of the hip bones on the either hips.
  • Points on the feet that lie behind the main toe and the second toe.
  • On the hand at the intersecting point between the thumb and forefinger.

An Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt is one of those soothing bath salts that work great in relaxing your muscles. It works much better for menstrual-related aches such as the menstrual back ache because of all the Magnesium that is present in it.

Magnesium is the magic element that heals many of menstrual-related health problems. All you have to do is make yourself a bath with Epsom salt in which you soak for a good 10 to 15 minutes and you will see a considerable reduction in your period related back pain.

Alternatively, you can also use Epsom salt in the water that you use for your heat pads and compresses for the additional relaxing effect that it shows.

Make yourself some Ginger tea

Ginger tea is one of those healing herbs that can work great in healing many of your period-related aches such as the lower back ache. This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties that are present in the herb which relax your muscles.

The decoction from ginger can also work against the hormones that cause all the disturbances and aches in the body when you go through your periods. This is yet another reason that ginger is so good for you during the menses. Here’s how you can make yourself some simple ginger tea at home.

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add some peeled ginger skin to it and continue with the boiling until the colour changes.
  • Strain it out and add a few spoons of honey to it before you drink the tea.

Valerian Root

Valerian is not only anti-inflammatory but also a muscle as well as a nerve relaxant. This makes it a great remedy for menstrual cramps as well as any additional aches that we get during our menses. This is why Valerian root has been used as a herbal remedy for menstrual problems since ages.

Using this remedy is easy as well and all you have to do is make a tea for it to work at its most effective. You can also try out the topical applications that you may get of this herb such as ointments or gels. Here’s how you make a tea.

  • Get some pure Valerian root powder from a herbal drug store.
  • Boil water and add this to the water.
  • Continue with the boiling until the colour of the water changes to yellowish-brown.
  • Strain the tea and drink it for relief in a few minutes’ time.

Peppermint or mint gel or tea

Peppermint is yet another commonly used herbal remedy for healing aches of any kind and it works especially well for menstrual-related aches such as the lower back ache and the cramps too. It can be great for other menstrual issues such as gastric problems and nausea.

The anti-inflammatory nature of the peppermint makes it great for reducing the pain in your lower back. Along with that peppermint also controls the hormonal reactions and keeps them in check. Here’s how you make a simple peppermint tea.

  • Take some water and bring it to boil.
  • Add the peppermint leaves to it and continue with the boiling.
  • After the colour of the tea changes, strain the peppermint tea out and drink it after adding a couple of spoons of honey to it.
  • You can also add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the tea.

Alternatively, you add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the any gel and rub it against your lower back. That is yet another way to use peppermint for your lower back pain.

Additional Tips for Helping with Your Period Back Pain

  • Getting some regular exercise all through the month can help you deal with the back pain much better. It can also help alleviating the problem eventually.
  • Make sure that your system is clean and healthy a few days before the periods so that it does not set the hormones haywire. Drinking a lot of water, avoiding caffeine, alcohol and too much sugar can be of help.
  • Monitoring your sleeping and sitting positions before the onset of your periods can avoid triggering the back pain. Also avoiding too much of driving or any other activity that may lead to your back pain can be of help.

It may seem impossible to deal with but menstrual back ache can definitely be fought with and eventually be completely evaded with some preventive measures and regular monitoring. Seeking the help of a professional for the right combination of natural and regular meds can make a huge difference.

Leave us any tips you’ve got on how these or any other home remedies have helped you deal with menstrual related back pain to help our readers!


Hot Cloth Pressing Relieve Back Pain…?

One of the most useful aides to get instantaneous relief from back pain is the use of a hot compress. It helps in relaxing the muscles in the back and thereby reduces stiffness, cramps and spasms that are causing the pain. All you have to do is take the compress, fill it with hot water and press it over the aching area.

How to get releif from menstrual lower back pain..?

Menstrual backaches are a very common occurance and can be dealt with using natural remedies rather than taking prescription drugs. One can do the following to relieve themselves of such back pain- Hot Compress, cold compress, essential oils massage, yoga, exercise, accupressure, epsom salt bath, tea consisting of valerian, ginger root, peppermint or mint as they help calm down the restricted muscles in the back.

Tips to get rid of back pain caused during periods…?

One can do a lot to ensure some if not complete relief from back pain. You can try Yoga, dietary changes, loads of water and other fluids,monitor your caffine intake to know more remedies for back pain check out the article “Backache during menses”.

How to Prevent Back Pain When You Work in an Office..?

Backaches are one of the most common symptoms of being on your period. Periods can also deter females from going to work. Best way to tackle the problem of back ache at work during period is to carry with you tea that contains valerian or ginger root or peppermint or mint in a thermas as they help in relaxing the muscles in the back. Another way is to carry a compress with you a fill it with hot water (if available) and press it gently over the aching area.



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