Acne On the Forehead

Clearing Forehead Acne : 10 DIY Remedies That Fight Pimples on Forehead

Forehead is one of the most common areas of the face where pimples, zits and acne can pop up. And forehead acne can be quite a problem too with the pimples being visibly clear and extremely evident. The pimples on the forehead can be quite thick and difficult to get rid of too. If you happen to be the victim of forehead acne, fret not, for we have some wonderfully working natural remedies which are pretty easy to use on your forehead.

Before you try out all the harsh chemicals that are usually prescribed for acne, do give one or more of these acne cures a shot.

What Causes Pimples on Forehead?

Why is it that the forehead often times gets inflicted with pimples? There could be reasons that are specifically causing your forehead acne. We try and list out some of them.

Bad scalp health : One reason that you could be developing more of forehead acne than on any other place in your body is the fact that your scalp could be unhealthy with conditions like dandruff and other infections.

Oily hair : Oily hair can sometimes lead for the oil to spread out onto the forehead and lead to the formation of pimples. This can be prevented by washing your face as well as your hair regularly.

Unhygienic practices : Some unhygienic practices regarding towels, headbands (like sharing them, not washing them properly) could all be the reasons for excessive forehead acne.

Teenage acne : Teenage acne is mostly seen popping up on the forehead than anywhere else on the body. This is probably related to the hormones.

Using helmets excessively : Whether you ride a lot or whether you play with your helmet on, using too much of helmet, especially when you sweat can lead to the formation of pimples on your forehead.

Forehead Acne: 10 DIY Remedies to Get Rid of Acne on Forehead

Using natural remedies on a regular basis is known to fight acne effectively, with much less side effects showing up. We have ten such acne remedies that can work well in healing your forehead acne.

Steaming the face and scrubbing with sea salt

Steam application onto the face can be a great savior for all kinds of acne and works especially well with forehead acne. The steam opens and clears the clogged pores very quickly and with good efficacy. Once the pores are opened up, we use a sea salt scrub that clears out the acne and the infection that has spread out onto the forehead. Here’s how this simple technique is done.

Step 1 : Steam your face with a machine or water in a vessel with boiling water.

Step 2 : When you do this, make sure that your forehead is exposed to the steam for atleast 15 to 20 mins or more.

Step 3 : Wipe off the steam from your face and scrub it gently with a sea salt scrub.

Step 4 : After you have scrubbed for about 15 minutes, rinse your face with warm water.

Tomato rub on the forehead

A surprisingly good cure for acne can actually be found right in our kitchens and is the highly common vegetable – tomato. They are rich in anti oxidants which makes them fight acne by removing the dead cells, the bacteria involved in forming the pimples. They can also help in the regeneration of the skin cells thereby clearing the scars and blemishes which acne leaves behind. You can do the tomato rub in these simple steps.

Step 1 : Take a fresh tomato that is hard and cut into two halves.

Step 2 : By holding one of the halves at the tip, rub the other end on your forehead.

Step 3 : Do this for about 15 minutes and leave it on for 15 more minutes.

Step 4 : Rinse it off with warm water.

Lemon rub on the forehead

One of the age-old remedies for acne is the lemon scrub and can heal forehead acne just as effectively as it heals the other forms of acne. Lemon juice is filled with anti oxidants which help in fighting the acne by removing the dead cells and the sebum that clog up the pores. They can also help in keeping the skin healthy and remove scars after the acne is gone upon regular use. Here’s how you do the lemon rub.

Step 1 : Take a fresh, healthy lemon and cut it into two halves.

Step 2 : Use one of these halves as a rub on your forehead such that the lemon juice is spread out all over the skin of the forehead.

Step 3 : Leave the juice on your forehead for a while before you rinse it off.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has always been used for acne as one of the most effective natural remedies for its ability to heal the pimples quickly and effectively. It can keep the skin hydrated while absorbing the sebum in the pimples. It also kills the bacteria that causes acne. We show you how to use this simple remedy.

Step 1 : Get Aloe Vera gel of a good brand which is not adulterated.

Step 2 : Apply this over your forehead using a swab or your finger and leave it on for about 20 minutes or more.

Step 3 : Rinse it off with warm water and use a face wash once you’re done.

Turmeric and eucalyptus oil

Turmeric is one of those kitchen spices that works well on acne. It can be safe and effective at the same time for its highly antiseptic nature. It can also help the skin recover from acne very quickly. In this remedial recipe, we use Eucalyptus oil – a medicinal oil along with turmeric to make it work faster with the healing properties of Eucalyptus added to it. Here’s how we make and use this.

Step 1 : Take some turmeric powder and make a paste out of it by adding water.

Step 2 : Mix this paste well such that there are no lumps of turmeric left in it.

Step 3 : Add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to it and mix it well.

Step 4 : Now apply this over your forehead on the pimples and the skin around it.

Step 5 : Leave it on for about half an hour (or more) before you rinse it off with warm water.

Tea tree oil rub

Tea tree oil happens to be one of the most effective essential oils there is to heal acne. It can dry up the pimples by removing the dirt and the bacteria that gets clogged in the pimples. At the same time, being an oil, it also keeps the skin around the pimples moisturized. Here’s how you use this rub for your forehead acne.

Step 1 : Take a few drops of tea tree oil onto a cotton swab.

Step 2 : Rub this gently over your forehead on the pimples and the skin around the pimples.

Step 3 : Leave it on for about 15 minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

Garlic rub

Garlic is yet another one of the kitchen spices that can be a very effective cure for acne mainly because of its astringent nature. It can kill the acne bacteria as well as burn out the pimples really fast. To get rid of pimples overnight, garlic is one of the most sworn by remedy. Here’s how you can use garlic on yoru forehead acne.

Step 1 : Take a single garlic clove and cut it into half.

Step 2 : Rub the juicy part over your forehead on the pimples.

Step 3 : After you rub this way for a while, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes more.

Step 4 : You can now wash your face with a mild face wash.

Clay mask with essential oil

A clay mask can be useful for acne in multiple ways. It can heal the acne by drying up the pimples and absorbing the oil out of them. At the same time it also hydrates the skin being rich in water. Clay can also be healing to the scars and blemishes that are left out by acne. Adding a drop or two of essential oils like tea tree oil can make the clay mask more effective for fighting forehead pimples. Here’s how you do that.

Step 1 : Take some medicinal clay and add water to it to make it into a paste.

Step 2 : Add some essential oil (a few drops) to this and mix it up.

Step 3 : Apply it over your forehead and leave it on until it hardens up.

Step 4 : Once it gets hard enough, peel it off or wash it off and rinse your face.

Apple cider vinegar dab

Another kitchen remedy that works wonders for healing acne is apple cider vinegar. It is capable of removing oil and dirt from the pimples while also killing the microbes that could be causing it. It works well in getting rid of the stubborn pimples on the forehead as well. Here’s how you use it for clearing out your forehead acne.

Step 1 : Take some apple cider vinegar into a bowl.

Step 2 : Using a cotton ball, rub it over your forehead across the pimples and the skin around it.

Step 3 : Leave it on for about 20 minutes or more.

Step 4 : Wash it off with water and use a face wash to wash your face post that.

 Tea bag treatment

Tea bags can be used with a good amount of efficacy in getting rid of pimples on the forehead. The teas we are going to use (green tea and chamomile tea for instance) are rich in anti-oxidants and can thereby bring about healing. Chamomile tea is also of great use in fighting the bacteria as well as the pimple blemishes left out on the forehead. Here’s how you use these bags for forehead acne.

Step 1 : Take two of these tea bags (of either green tea or chamomile tea) and dip them in hot water.

Step 2 : After about five minutes, remove them and cool them down a bit.

Step 3 : When they are cold enough, place them over your forehead and let them stay there for about 20 minutes or so.

Step 4 : Wash your face with water after you are done with the tea bag treatment.

Additional tips to prevent the formation of forehead acne

Prevention of acne is always better than cure and those with this dreadful condition sure know of that. We therefore have a few tips on how you can stop this skin ailment before it spreads out on your forehead.

  • Keeping the scalp clean might be of great help in preventing the spread of the infection over to your forehead and then cause the forehead acne. It is therefore advised that you take good care of your scalp health and keep it free from dandruff and other scalp infections.
  • Refraining from sharing head bands, helmets and other equipment and avoiding wearing them when you are sweating can keep your forehead clean and thereby avoid pimples.
  • Washing your face often can keep your forehead clean by clearing out the piled up sweat, sebum and dirt from the skin of the forehead. This can to a great extent avoid acne.
  • Avoiding oily foods can be a good way to keep yourself free of acne nearly anywhere on the body including forehead.

Although forehead acne can sometimes be thick and stubborn, following remedies and precautions against them regularly can get rid of the condition relatively quicker. After you try out our remedies for forehead acne, do leave us your experiences on experimenting with them!

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